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Ana Blue
Find peace and everything will fall into place!
Find peace and everything will fall into place!

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Time To Let The Real You Shine
When I wrote my last post, I hadn't looked at the 3rd days challenge yet.  So I found it ironic that today's post is about the High Priestess and I am to ask her for her wisdom for me will be . I would like to think the High Priestess as a dear friend.  She...

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It's Just Smoke and Mirrors
 When the challenge today was to based off the tarot card The Magician, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. The Magician is about making what is possible real.  Manifesting desires, more goal oriented, etc... I am a master of disguise, the ultimate...

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And Away We Go....
I have signed up to be part of a writing challenge so that maybe it will make me get off my butt and write more often.   So here we go... I am the baby of the family.   Due to the age difference, my siblings didn't have much to do with me. I had to learn to...

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Why Can't We Just All Get Along
I have been having writers block lately.  I have been wanting to post something but I just couldn't find the words.  But not today.  I want to share a few things. But first a few definitions from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online.... tolerance - willing...

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To Love this Moon is To Love Myself.
The full moon is rising tonight.  This moon is about looking deep into yourself and seeing the changes within yourself.  To manifest these changes on the outside.  This can make things a little more dramatic in your life but it will be all worth it. Just do...

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Back To School
It is that time of year again.  My house has been a flurry of activity.  We have been doing our back to school shopping.  I have also been organizing my house so that hopefully (crossing fingers) I will be able to keep my house kept up so I don't have to sp...

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This Little Thing Called Love
When I was married, I lost who I was.  I was one of those wives that settled in and only did the things my husband wanted.  So when my marriage fell apart, I had to find myself.  It has taken me a long time to get where I am now.  I love the person I have b...

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Getting My Life Back
I have been living with a family member for the last couple of years.  My family does not know that I am no longer following the christian beliefs.  So for the last couple years, I haven't been practicing my beliefs.  I was no longer reading, meditating, or...

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Happy Spring!!! This is my favorite time of year.  There is something about watching the earth be reborn and showing all of her beauty. I feel more connected to the earth at this time of year than I do any other time.  It is my time to regroup and ground my...

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Trust Or Not To Trust...
Trust is something that doesn't come easy to me.  I have a small circle of friends that I trust and in that circle only a few that know me completely.  The two that know me completely are the people that I have shown  all my flaws and told them my deepest d...
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