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Joseph Taibi Jr.
No matter where you go, there you are.
No matter where you go, there you are.

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#NewBirdPoker #BirdPoker created by +Phil Armishaw
A tiny Hummingbird Covering +Dusty Gedge 's cool Green parakeet

theme 2016 and linked to a previous Xmas theme post - hosted by, +John Wade

The theme will run through to end of the year

1. Photographs should be from 2016

2. Each photo posted should "link" to any previously posted photo to the Christmas theme, and the links can be as obscure as your imagination allows - but do please state what links the photos, otherwise I might just comment "disqualified" :-)

(Photo taken 9-21-2016) #Hummingbird 

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Quote of the Day
Fantastic point from Maureen Dowd.

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Windows 10 using way too much of your resources/heating your laptop/desktop? Doing this (Or having someone knowledgeable do it for you) will work wonders!
If you can't see the annotations then I'll tell you this here and the description: When in the registry change the superfetch & prefetch to 0 value

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There are even Carbon eating streetlamps available. I know this is a first but why aren't existing technologies not being widely utilized? Off subject buy why isn't the United States building and using desalination plants on the coasts where rainfall is becoming scarce and the damns obsoleted as a result?
Climeworks, a Swiss company, says world's 'first' commercial-scale atmospheric carbon capture plant on track for 2016 launch, will capture 900 Tons/year
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