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The chaps at Phoronix have confirmation from Valve that the developer are working on a Linux version of their platform-bestriding distribution system, and are
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Eh... remember who's reporting this: Phoronix. This is not the first time they've "confirmed" a Linux Steam client.

Like I said in a post earlier, until I'm playing a native Linux TF2 client on a native Linux Steam client, this just gets internally filed as "Phoronix" to me.
i have seen screenshots here on G+ of people playing steam games and using the steam client on linux - so i'd say that it is fairly confirmed.
I saw screenshots of an apparently leftover ELF binary with GTK+ hooks a couple years back, showing a Steam login screen under Linux. Screenshots from Phoronix won't convince me, a binary from Valve will. :-)
Of course, note the implication that if Valve IS putting out a call for beta testers for a Linux Steam client and a Linux port of the Source engine, I'll be up for it. :-)
Oh heck yes I'd beta test the crap out of that. I'm on the 'new features' list on Steam as it is. I wonder how the numbers would change once everyone who would rather be playing on Linux could play on Linux.
Judging by Valve's structure, it makes sense to me that something like this could take years before any development is made. If nobody is interested or excited about working on it, it doesn't happen. If Gabe is on board, though, everything changes.
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