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Every Religion: natural disasters are angry god
If tornadoes are caused by an angry god who's pissed at his wayward pets, then god must really be pissed at people who live anywhere between Texas and the Dakotas. Wait, maybe natural disasters are caused by perfectly explicable natural phenomena and it really doesn't have anything to do with a couple of naked nitwits in fig leaf thongs eating some fruit. Now there's a thought!
This is common knowledge. .... Come on Christians you going to take this science rub/snub by eating a apple a snake convinced adam & eve to eat from the "TREE OF KNOWLEDGE"..so whats so sinful about knowledge?....people are brain washed by religion. ..the original sin of knowledge is a bad thing...good way to control people..keep them stupid...inlightment of a 'god' who is vengeful & sadistic with no morels who lets kids starve, lets women & children get abused & raped, and so on..making people suffer is called ABUSE......and a bloke called a 'devil" is blamed for ..GOD YOU ARE NOT PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH......;-)
@Dian pink Very well said. Those are some of the very same arguments I've used but Christians tend to be so rigidly brainwashed that they'll just retort some convenient cliche like "Everything happens for a reason" or "We can never know God's plan."
That's when you kick them in the junk and yell God wills it! As you run off.
They pray for rain ironically....
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