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Big news day for Linux gamers!

Batman: Arkham Night, Company of Heroes II, The Witcher 3, Total War: Rome 2, Mordor and others are on the way. 

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Credit goes to +Darrin Walker for the Unit Patch. 

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Lots of posts on G+ lately about the Arab-Israeli conflict and many of them are nothing but pro-Palestinian propaganda using old or photo-shopped photos designed to demonize Israel.

Muhammad said war is deceit and Hamas(and others) are following his advice.

Warning: graphic images. #gaza   #gazaunderattack  

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Bill O'Reilly to Laura Ingraham:  deporting illegal aliens is draconian. Yes, he was serious. 

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Rupert Murdoch believes it's "suicidal" for America to enforce immigration laws. Also wants an unlimited supply of immigrant cheap labor. #cronycapitalism  

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It's time to free Mali the elephant. 

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Awesome news for Linux gamers. The new Unreal Tournament will be coming to Linux and will be free. #unrealtournament   #linux  

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Mission critical systems should run only the best. Kudos to NASA for using  Linux instead of Windows. 
Cool. NASA is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux to launch (Launch Control Center, Firing Room 1) missions into deep space. Full pics  via reddit thread.

#linux   #redhat   #rhel  

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Right on!

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Kindly SHARE!

[Goodbye Windows XP]

Attention please!

In short, if you're 'still' running Windows XP (for whatever reason), please be advised, as per Microsoft, that system will soon be DEAD and no longer supported.

Long version?

[What to do?]

~ Choice A ~
Keep Paying for Microsoft and use their Software (Windows 7 or Windows 8) and suffer from tons of problems:
1- Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
2- Slowness
3- Viruses, Spywares, etc
4- Non-Stable system (breakable often)
5- Not Secure (any beginner hacker can hack it)
6- Do I really have to carry on?

~ Choice B ~
Keep Calm and Switch to Linux!

1- Super Fast (you don't need to upgrade your hardware - have 512MB RAM? no problem!)
2- Super Secure (NASA, Google, Facebook, etc ... are using Linux on their Servers for a reason)
3- Super Stable (install it once, you don't ever need to format it)
4- Full Freedom (you have many User Interfaces, Programs, etc)
5- Highly Customizable
6- You do NOT need any Anti-Virus Program (Linux system structure is different and no command to be executed without the user's permission)
7- No more browsing the internet to install any application, you can do that within your system without visiting any website.
8- Free and Open Source Operating System
9- Community Based and World Wide Supported (there are so many people can help you with zero cost)
10- Can always enjoy the very latest software (system and/or programs) - unlike Windows XP, it is more than 12 years old now
11- Linux is being used to backup/save files of broken Windows PC/Laptop
12- Unlike what many people think, it is very and I mean VERY easy to use

Do I have to carry on?

You need more information?
Let us know!

Your choice, no one will force you to use anything :)

Thank you!

If your office are still running Windows XP, your friends, someone you know, etc ... please pass this message through :)

#Microsoft #Windows_XP #StartUbuntu #Linux
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