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The physical yearning of the digital human being is an opportunity to marketers

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So, what is the next trend in slimming diets? well, avoidance is making a comeback. The 1990's were all about avoiding fat, and early 2000's were about avoiding carbs, yet following the end of the low-carb trend consumers transformed and started to dig into the macro-nutrients: better carbs, high quality protein, better fats, low GI etc.). 
Now, avoidance is making a comeback with "Free From" / "allergy Free" leading the diet trends, especially with respect to Gluten avoidance. One indication for this is trend is the rise in the number of celebrities who report their weight loss stems from such diets. as a result, consumers are becoming more interested in free-from diets.

The Paleolithic diet "acts" as a kind of low-carb diet when it comes to searching Google for information, yet it's a bigger trend today, and we  expect the Paleo Diet to become a bigger trend than the Gluten-free diet. The Paleo diet is indeed gluten-free, and to some extent - dairy  free, but it is less restrictive than standard low-carb diets, and will likely enter the mainstream for a year or two in our opinion, causing alternative sweeteners such as maple, monk fruit and stevia to rise. however, this seems to us as a fad, that will consequently pass.  

How about Veganism? is this a passing trend? this is highly unlikely. on the contrary, compared to the stagnant search line for "Vegetarianism", Veganism is definitely becoming bigger. but this is not a fad - as the graph's growth is consistent and relatively moderate. 

If you want to see the potential of a diet trend, just check out the beginning of the purple line, demonstrating the beginning of the end for the low-carb diet craze (mostly Atkins at the time, but also South-Beach, Zone Diet and many others). As we can see, there is a lot of further growth potential for the current diet trends before they start to decline.
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