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3101 W Broadway #105 Columbia, MO 65203
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"I recently bought a DS Lite from them to round out my Gameboy/DS collection."
"...the prices of used games are pretty inflated as well."
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Ahmed Jawadi
8 months ago
Game City has a lot of the same problems that you’ll find at bad used game stores. Prices are inflated, used products are in poor/unsatisfactory condition, trade-in values are a joke, the store is unclean & unorganized, there are hidden terms & fees on returns, and (the worst offense in my opinion) horrible customer service. And I don’t only mean when there is an issue; even just walking in you’ll find the employees aren’t too courteous and will not acknowledge you (even when you’re the only one there). And don’t even get me started on how they treat you when there is an issue (just look at the other negative reviews; they aren’t exaggerating). Now what makes Game City’s case even more offensive than let’s say a GameStop is that Game City is not a giant corporation, it’s a private business. While I love supporting private businesses whenever I can, it’s inexcusable for ANY business to offer unsatisfactory products, services, and insurance (refunds, replacements, etc.). GameStop may be a heartless corporation but ultimately they have the support to take care of many issues as well as maintain and upkeep their products. I can understand if Game City can’t compete with GameStop when it comes to product diversity and/or competitive prices, but that’s why it’s even more imperative that their customer service be top notch and the atmosphere in the store be welcoming! There is really no excuse for such lack of quality control; especially for a one store operation. Gamers may generally be a fickle bunch but we’re extremely loyal and will keep supporting anything that treats us right. Used game stores especially depend on loyal/return customers to keep them afloat, not just the casual consumer. So how does Game City hope to gain any type of long term success when not only do they offer a worse selection of products but also worse customer service than GameStop? Honestly if Game City continues with its current practices I wouldn’t be surprised if the store didn’t last much longer and goes by the wayside of other mismanaged used game/music/video stores. This place is a dud and ultimately not worth your business.
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Eric Dragseth
a year ago
I recently bought a DS Lite from them to round out my Gameboy/DS collection. I later checked the DS Lite prices at the other non-chain store I know of downtown. The price I bought it for at Game City was about half of what I could have gotten downtown. And, the place was reasonably comfortable and friendly. Would recommend checking them out, especially if you're looking for anything used.
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Aaron White
2 years ago
I wouldn't recommend getting a used system at Game City. This past summer, i purchased a used PS3 from them, wanting to play MLB The Show, since PS3 was the only system to support it. I traded in my Xbox 360, and still paid to get the PS3, despite it being one of the older ones. I wasn't really upset about this, considering it was still less than i would have paid for a new PS3. Anyhow, i get the system home, and notice that the vents on the system weren't very clean, and wondered why they would leave it noticeably dirty. I turn it on, get it set up, and it resets itself. Just beeps twice, and shuts off. So, i think it's just a random issue, power it back on, and it works. Over the next few days it does it more frequently. Eventually, it starts doing it the first few times i turn it on. I took it back, and said i wanted to return it, since it wasn't working, and was told they couldn't do that. They did offer to repair it though, so i thought that would be nice. I could get it fixed and not have to deal with the hassle of getting another system. Fast forward to January of 2014, and they have "fixed" it twice, and it does the same things after each fix. I'm going to try and take it in this weekend and see if they will return it, and give me my money back at the very least, or swap it with one that actually works, but i'm sure i will be told they can't do it, again. So, be cautious with what you purchase. You might end up getting a used system that doesn't work, in exchange for your old system that worked just fine. I will be sure to update the rating based on what happens when i try and talk with them about it, but the reason it even sits at a 2 right now is because they were nice enough to try and fix it.
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John Beckwith
2 years ago
These guys low ball lower than Gamestop! 3-15 $ is the most you will get for ANY game.
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Marcus R
10 months ago
I've been shopping at Game City since I purchased my Xbox 360 3 years ago and really enjoyed buying and renting my games there. But now they've gotten rid of the option to rent, which is a bummer. I would like to see that reinstated but I know it probably won't be. It was the only place in Columbia to rent out games other then Redbox who rents for one night at $3, but with Game City I believe the price was $3.50 or so for at least 3 nights if not more (considering if the game was newer or more used). Either way they're a decent store with a nice selection but getting rid of their renting option wasn't a good way to go in my opinion.
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Impulse Gaming STATUS's profile photo
Impulse Gaming STATUS
a year ago
Pros: Very nice staff, decent selection, great place to find retro games/consoles. Cons: The staff is very nice, but completely disorganized. They don't know how to operate the pre-order/reservation system, which resulted in me putting money down for a game without them knowing it wasn't even available. I spoke to two associates before the pre-order, who both said that I would be good-to-go, and also called the store afterwards twice. As a collector, this is very disappointing, and really makes me lose respect for the store. I like supporting local businesses of the nature, but I will definitely not be at Game City much anymore. Disappointing. Another thing, this store isn't like Gamestop, where you find a game marked "New", take the case up to the counter, and get a new, sealed game back when you purchase. Game City opens every single new game, and keeps them behind the counter. Are all of the "New" games really new? No idea. As any game store that isn't Gamestop operates, the prices of used games are pretty inflated as well.
• • •
J Smith
2 years ago
Eric Wooten's profile photo
Eric Wooten
a year ago
They do not care about the gamer at all; it's only about the money for Game City. I have never felt less valued as a customer.