I have a feeling like today is going to be an interesting day for Flash game developers who were left in the dark about Adobe’s decision to try and monetize the game specific features of the player (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/premium-features-licensing-faq.html). I am not going to get into that too much here because in all honesty Adobe has every right to try and make money on their closed and proprietary platform. Unfortunately I feel really bad for the people who are still trying to make a living making Flash games and now are faced with reality that Adobe is reaching their hands into the slim profits they are trying to make already. While this makes sense for Adobe to tax huge companies like Zynga that have built their entire business around making Flash based Facebook games, what about all the other indi game devs and flash game portal sites that will be unfairly taxed?

With all of this going on I wanted to reiterate the fact that Flash is not the only game in town any more when it comes to the web. There are some great alternatives such Unity for 3d game development and every day new HTML5 game frameworks are being announced which show incredible potential. I’ve done a lot of research into the fledgling HTML5 game framework community and found ImpactJS (http://impactjs.com/) to be one of the best ones out there. I should note that while Impact costs $100, it is a one time fee and gives you an incredibly easy to use/well documented framework, the source code for the framework, demo games and a level editor. Basically everything you need start making game as soon as you download it plus there is a native iOS wrapper that allows you to publish your Impact games iOS with native like performance.

I have always been a big proponent for branching out and learning new technologies so today I will give away 10 copies of my book (http://bitly.com/html5gaming) to help people get started with Impact. I am interested in people’s thoughts about HTML5 gaming and if they are currently Flash game devs who are thinking about exploring other technologies such as HTML5, Unity or Native. I don’t want this to turn into a bitch fest so I will give a copy of my book to the 10 people who contribute positively to the discussion. I think Flash is still a viable platform for some things but there are a lot of people out there who are caught in the middle of a tough transition and need better help understanding the web tech landscape and what they should invest their time to keep their development skills desirable to employers and clients over the next few years.

I am not the only resource on the web talking about HTML5 gaming so if you have interest in learning more you should check out the following people:

Richard Davey -@photonstorm(HTML5 and Flash game developer)
Seb Lee-Delisle -@seb_ly(Creative JavaScript Guru)
Rob Hawkes -@robhawkes(HTML5 Game evangelist for Mozilla)
Sean McCracken -@Seantron(Unity3d expert)
Elbert Perez -@mechaghost(WP7 Indi game dev and now HTML5 game developer)
Adam Atomic -@ADAMATOMIC(iOS indi game dev extraordinaire and creator of Flixel for iOS/Flash)
David Isbitski -@thedavedev(Win8+ Wp7 evangelist at Microsoft)
Lost Decade Games -@lostdecadegames(HTML5 game dev company)

Also, I would follow http://www.html5gamedevs.com/ religously if you are hugry for the lastest news about HTML5 game development.

Finally if reading books, following people on twitter or just picking up code and experimenting with it on your own is not your thing, I am doing 3 HTML5 game dev workshops so far this year & 5 talks at conferences on my experiance about HTML5 gaming which you can find dates and registration information on at my site http://jessefreeman.com/conferences.

Also here are some great HTML5 games that really highlight the potential of the platform and what people are currently doing to push the envelope:


Also check out some of my own Impact games/experiments

http://gamecook.com/games/resident-raver/ - Runs on iPhone4+ & iPad 2+ at close to 60 fps
http://gamecook.com/games/jetroid/ - Protype for a future game I’ll be portin to Unity3d
http://gamecook.com/games/ld22-alone/ - fully open source and built in 24 hours

Let’s keep the comments positive and I’ll announce the book winners tomorrow.
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