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It Had to Happen: Website Revamp
Our website is currently undergoing a major refit. Let's face it- it had to! My first attempt was functional and somewhat cute, if not spectacular. So now we've got the professionals in - Yellow Spade Design. They helped us create our stylish bottle labels,...

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In March - Moths, Migration and Masterchef!
Moths: Introducing Death's-head Hawk-moth - an Iconic Stout As Nick Cave is misquoted as saying...... "Release the Moths!" Our first Moth Beer - again supporting Butterfly Conservation was released in March: the spookily named  Death's-head Hawk-moth Stout ...

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There's been a lot happening!
Hi Everyone, Its been a while since my last blog post (July 2013) so lets take it in stages shall we...... August 2013  Nice. The Butterfly Range in its completeness. Three became four as we welcomed our new brew, Brown Hairstreak into the fold of our But...
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