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Minerva Moralez
Dominatrix, Equestrian, Gamer, Goth and Writer
Dominatrix, Equestrian, Gamer, Goth and Writer

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Be your own Dom/Domme!
I´m actually surprised that a lot of Doms/Dommes look at other Doms/Dommes when it comes to behaviour. Some go even so far to almost completely mimic another Dom/Domme. This isn´t just about behaviour, sometimes it´s also about style and the items they use....

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Professional or just for fun?
It´s a question you´ll get every now and then as a Dom/Domme, are you a professional or just for fun? When I tell that person that I´m a professional Domme then some people don´t always understand what that exactly means. I can´t speak for every Dom/Domme b...

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Sex with your clothes on!
I know that some people are quick with getting their clothes off but think about it, when you wear something sexy then why hurry to get out of that? I don´t know about you but I find a body in latex way hotter than just a naked body, because in my opinion a...

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Online domination is fake?
These days it´s nothing new, online domination. It´s the perfect way for Doms/Dommes to reach people that live too far away for a visit, but how effective is it? Could you call online domination truly domination? I think most Doms/Dommes prefer to get their...

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Into BDSM for attention?
You might assume that most people that you find in the BDSM scene are in it because they like it, but you´d be wrong to think that because there are also people that do it for attention. Does that sound weird to you? Maybe, but let´s not forget that people ...

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Talking about your kinky side
When you´re in a relationship it might be difficult to talk about your kinky side, especially when he or she has no idea you´re into that and as far as you know he or she isn´t into kink. This doesn´t mean that you should keep that side of you hidden, but i...

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Stick to the rules!
It´s a simple rule, stick to the rules! But you´d be surprised how many people try to break the rules. Maybe you´re one of those people that lives by the rules are meant to be broken motto, but in BDSM rules are there for a reason and not meant to be broken...

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As a Dom/Domme where do you draw the line?
To be honest I´d say that´s up to you, because we all have our own limits and I don´t think that one limit applies to all of us. But there are definitely lines that you shouldn´t cross, for example when you´re a professional Dom/Domme you don´t have sex wit...

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Taking a Dom/Domme seriously
Are you familiar with certain people online claiming to be a Dom/Domme and expect you to give them respect just because of that? Maybe if you´re a sub you´re even more familiar with these type of people online, because they expect you to serve them just bec...

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Your fantasy
We all have a fantasy, well maybe some have more than one but let´s assume that we all have at least one fantasy and that´s the one thing that would make you very happy or turn you on. But what should you do with that fantasy? It´s easy to say that you shou...
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