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Why on Earth are the Danes so happy?

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Happy Monday, all. Let's do this thing!

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

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Test anxiety sucks. And yet many people suffer from it. Unlocking our own potential requires finding the right key: a lesson my son taught me well. 

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#Projectmanagement  is more than the sum of its parts. Great word cluster!
Let’s look at the words project and management themselves and see why the term Project Management is more than the sum of the two parts, more than just a title. #projectmanagement  

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The benefits of failure are many.

1. You get to know yourself better.
2. You learn who your real friends are.
3. You know what not to do next time.
4. You redirect.

How do you deal with failure?

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Life offers us opportunities every day to seek -- and find -- adventure. The long road is often the best way to the fast track. 

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Life is like a marathon. Sprinting's allowed,  but not always a good idea. To sustain your energy, take a mini-timeout:

1. Meditate. Even 25 minutes a day can lead to lowered blood pressure and an improved ability to handle psychological stress.

2. Get nature. A daily dose of green can lift your spirits and raise your happiness level considerably.

3. Move it. Exercise is a proven way to not only getting your blood flowing, but getting your good mood going. Take that walk or those stairs. Every day.

4. Breathe. You can't live without oxygen. So take it in. Slowly. Hold it. Then exhale. 

Ultimate tip: Be good to yourself. You're the only you you've got.
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