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James Harland
Professional geek with a penchant for cars
Professional geek with a penchant for cars

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As we mourn the loss of one of Hollywood's most eclectic stars, we celebrate him at his best:

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So what's this new fangled Google+ thing all about then?

In all seriousness, I'm amazed that I haven't been on here in years and still almost no one I know is using it!

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Recovered from my phone, thank god for Instant Upload!
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My TouchPad is running the first public alpha of Cyanogenmod, and to be honest it's much more stable than they said it would be, the only gripe so far is Wi-Fi and not full 32-bit colour!

Time for a new Desire ROM methinks. What's the best one to go for these days? Not bothered about Sense, more concerned with internal storage as I have sod all at the moment!

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So, Facebook Platform completely disabled on my account (that felt good) plus every app permission revoked and most of my personal data deleted.

All I need now are my photos and friends on here *waits patiently...*

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Pics from going to see Chris Moyles Quiz Night on Friday!
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Saw this the other day, I LOLd.

Time to properly use this then? Too much moaning going on over at the Big Blue F!
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