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    The proton collisions at LHC was shut down in September this year (with recorded data over 40 fb−1−1), and a report was planned to be released in December. But, that was cancelled. On 20 November 2016, CMS released a reported which is based on 2015…

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Hume's guillotine (the is-ought problem) is now viewed as Gospel; that prescriptive or normative statements (about what ought to be) cannot be DERIVED by positive statements (about what is). And, it becomes the central point in moral philosophy.

One of the Hume’s original argument is: {given knowledge of the way the universe is, in what sense can we say it ought to be different?}
At the time when the laws of universe is not fully understood, Hume’s argument does make sense. When the final physics is known, Hume’s argument becomes nonsense.

This universe consists of only two parts.
One, here it IS.
Two, here are processes: creation and degeneration.

When, IS(a) degenerates, it creates an OUGHT (a).
So, IS(a) is fundamental while OUGHT (a) is the emergent.
{"ought" can never be derived from an "is"} is a total nonsense.

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Jeh-Tween Gong commented on a post on Blogger.
{Once, twice, a thousand times - why does the Chinese language have four different words?
Today we speak of complements of quantity "times": 次、遍、趟、下.}
次 means the second wind.
遍 means everywhere.
趟 means travelling once.
下 means underneath, next.
For the meaning “once” or “thousand times”, they were borrowed from their original meaning. See or

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Black hole information paradox, mystery no more!
Is black hole having a firewall? Is black hole will eventually disappear via the Hawking radiation? Are these genuine science? Or, just a way to denounce religions?

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Darwin’s original work is a mediocre scientific work (being mostly wrong). But, the MES (modern evolutionary synthesis) which tries to elevate Darwinianism (especially the nature selection) to the status of G0d is the worst shamelessness in human history, see .

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Quantum gravity mystery no more!

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This is a must read for physicists and layman. 

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As LHC run 2 has begun, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) favorited this,  

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The Higgs boson NONSENSE: enough is enough.
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