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Based on your clip title “American University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia”, it sounds like a review video. Of course, when you are doing a reviews, you will review the pros and cons of that product.

On the other hand, this clip is not reviewing AUPP, it is intensional (or maybe unintentionally) comparing two different education system. And it happens to be one of them is Cambodia (where i came from), and the other one is US (where I graduated with a BA of Computer Science) 

This is just my own opinion, If you are really well educated (as you are trying to prove here), you should not make this video. I am not sure what are you trying to point out? The only thing i got from this video is that you are putting down your own country. I don’t think it is beneficial to anyone rather than insulting Cambodia. You are young and there are a lot more to learn. The word that you put out there (the publicity will see this) is not a good intension to help your country. 

Let me share some of my own experience, I went to a public high school in Cambodia (Toul Tom Pong High School) and I moved to US in 2006 as a senior in a high school in Massachusetts. I was an outstanding student (not trying to show off here), although i did not go to any private (required English lecture) school in Cambodia.

I was and till now very much grateful that my parent put me in a public school in Cambodia. I appreciated what I had learned there. it taught me the hard way to learn, and gave me a very great opportunity to read and write Khmer fluently. I am always proud to be one of the student from Cambodian Public High school.
One more thing, I think i should share with everyone here as well. I already graduated with a BA in Computer Science from one of the the University in Massachusetts. I am currently work for one of the big software company in Great Boston Area, even though i did not go to (actually cannot afford) AUPP when i was in Cambodia. 
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