{Manordale 3/4 FI} 2012.04.17 Tuesday - Classroom News

Museum of Nature
I was hoping to take photos of all the students troughout the day even though they were all in different groups. Unfortunately, my batteries ran out. Thank you Cathy for sending me a few photos.

Math problem - Can you help your child solve this problem?
In a room, we can see 24 legs. How many chairs and/or adults can there be? Show as many possibilities as you can.

Club de maths
Congratulations to Ally (2000) and Ilyes (6500, 6600) who have reached a new level for the number of minutes with the Club de Maths.

Club de lecture
Félicitations à Isabelle (1300 to 1900), Ally (1900) et Duncan (11,050) qui ont franchi une nouvelle étape dans notre Club de Lecture. Keep on reading!

Congratulations to Andrew (40), Jason (110) and Liam (210) who have reached a new level for the number of days with the journal.

Dictées (next Monday)
Students can use these audio files to practice during the week. They may want to pause in between the sentences. Please, ignore the file number and dictée number in the audio. I "recycled" the files from last year.
Grade 3 Audio File
Grade 4 Audio File

Grande Aventure du Haut-Canada (Gr. 3)
Le Moyen-âge (Gr. 4)

Math - Time
Have your child try That Quiz: Time. The quizzes have many levels, can be timed or not, and include lots of options for customization on the left.

Typing Club
"Typing Club is a popular website offering free online touch typing lessons for students of all ages."

Letter to a Famous French Canadian
Each student will be writing a letter to a famous French Canadian. You may want to help your child find a person that would be suitable for his/her interests.

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