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Here is a novel idea. Since raising the minimum wage will signal to the richest people that there is more money out there to suck up, they will likely raise prices, (thus the rich get richer) Lets instead put some sort of arbitrary cap on income disparity. The richest person in the country can only be X times more rich than the average or median american, or something more creative and nuanced than that to keep income disparity down. Then if the rich want to live a better life, they have to make sure the lives of everyone else also improves, thus making the interests of the rich coincide with the interests of their fellow countrymen.

We're not being very creative here by just saying raise the minimum wage, or tax the top. Lets get creative.

Oh, And if the Rich get pissed and want to move out, let them, we'll see how far they make it in other countries before being smacked down by other governments for their behavior. 
Wow this is ridiculous. 

I am starting to regret abandoning my online community involvement. I'm finding that my personal/professional network has fallen into disarray just when I am beginning to need it most. I guess setting this page as my homepage (dangerous as that may be) should probably help out with that.

In other News, I just Applied for K-State and am hoping to get into their Industrial Engineering Program. That is Right. If I get Accepted, I'm headed back to Kansas in the fall. Wish me Luck and support. 

So far I've completed three classes this semester, finals and all. 2 A- confirmed. woo...
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