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Controlled house burn by the fire department.
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Has our market reached the bottom?  Watch the July, 2012 Sacramento real estate market trend updtate video.
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Frustrated shopping for a home in a low-inventory market?  Watch this video!
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According to the latest statistics, the median price of a home in Sacramento has risen 3% from last year! Area real estate broker David Jurewicz (00661096) of in Sacrament...
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Call us FIRST BEFORE you visit a new home subdivision so we can register to be your representative. That way, we'll be able to coach you on what floor-plans, lots and upgrades make the most sense. We ...
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Real Estate broker reveals strategies to get what you want faster. Call (916) 682-6454.
For me, LIFE is a vacation! I mean, how many places can you go where you drive a nice car, stay in a nice home, enjoy great food and restaurants explore nature and meet really nice people?  So when I do travel, it's it's not to "vacation," its to LEARN.  Our travels have taken us to Europe, Central America and to 42 of the 50 states (I only have 8 to go).  Wherever I am, I study how the people there perceive "good living."  I've learned that you can live well no matter where you are, no matter how much money you have.
I've been married 36 years (in a row!) to the amazing Coleen Jurewicz.  We live by three basic rules: 1. Accept what anyone offers to you.  2. Do whatever is suggested by someone. 3. No matter what happens, declare it PERFECT.  Those three rules are serendipity on steroids!
For over 30 years, Coleen and I have been in the real estate business. (00661096, 00826558) Our home search site is We've created a 78 point powerful marketing plan for sellers. Call us and we'll send it to you right away.
For home buyers, we have a strategy to improve your odds of getting a better home buy by being far more competitive in our fast changing marketplace.  You can meet with us to discuss this by calling (916) 682-6454 no cost, no obligation.
Some years ago I felt so sick I had to go to the emergency room at a hospital.  That's how I discovered I had diabetes.  The doctors prescribed pills and told me I was on a slippery slope from pills to insulin shots.  Well, that wasn't for me.  I set out to discover how I could keep it at bay.  The breakthrough for me was E-7(r) a product that really has stabilized my blood sugar and filled the nutrtional "holes" I had in my diet.  Since then my doctor took me off of pills, I lost 30 pounds and I feel great.  I was so moved by my experience that I became a distributer of the product.  You can read more about it at: or call me and I'll send you written information.  It's a breakthrough in whole food technology.  I'm shocked almost no one knows about it. I truly believe if everyone in America took this great product, followed a healthy diet plan and exercised regularly, we could lessen our health care crisis!  Coleen and I plus my relatives and friends take this product every day and they all report to me how much better it makes them feel.  I hope it will do the same for you.
I took my life lessons, and put them in a book, 33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner.  It's the book I wish I had when I was a young man.  It reveals ideas even the smartest people I know haven't figured out.  You can get your copy at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook Book or at
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