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iOS, Java, ... Developer/Architect, Music lover
iOS, Java, ... Developer/Architect, Music lover

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We’re glad to announce App Marketing, our next mobel meeting. Thomas De Vos (The Reference) will tell us the story behind the start 2 run app, and how it became successful in the stores. Matthias Barrie (Gouden Gids, Page D’Or) will give us an insight in strategies used to market a product using apps, and marketing apps themselves. Here’s some more info we got from the respective speakers:

[ Please signup at our Meetup page: ]

Thomas De Vos about start 2 run:

For training center Energy Lab, the launch of the Start 2 Run meant their first introduction into the mobile market. During the first 3 months, the app has more than 100.000 registered users, which means that the app is well received by as well individual users, companies, as event organisations. During the presentation of the Start 2 Run case, a closer look into the functionalities, the business model and the strategy behind the app will be offered and we will share some interesting lessons we have learned as a mobile app creator.

About Matthias Barrie and Gouden Gids:

Since 2012, has been focusing on the booming mobile market. This has led to the development of several apps such as Aan Tafel, Urgent and Indomo, while new features have been developed for its yellow pages app in the meantime. In total, the apps now have over 800.000 downloads and are leading apps in their segment. The success is partly due to the way the apps are introduced to the market, both to advertisers and users. This session will shed light on the marketing and communication campaigns driving the adoption of’s newborn apps.

Matthias Barrie holds Masters Degrees in Communication Sciences (Ghent University, 2008) and Marketing Management (Vlerick Management School, 2009). 
He joined press agency Belga in 2009, followed by a research position at iMinds (formerly known as IBBT, the Insititute for BroadBand Technology). Since 2012 he is part of the marketing department at where he currently holds the position of Head of Native Products & Services, overlooking platforms such as (website and apps), Urgent, Aan Tafel and Indomo

This event will be hosted at Combell, your host on the internet. They were kind enough to offer us a room and some refreshments for you to enjoy!

Combell is an absolute market leader in hosting services for the enterprise, IT integrators and software developers. Combell, established in 1999, has grown to become the trusted one-stop partner for hosting of just about every type of IT infrastructure, website or application. Check them out at

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Added photos to Mobile Build Management.

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Our first Mobel session will be dedicated to Mobile Build Management. Maarten Balliauw, Alex Van Boxel and Alex Manarpies will show you how they configure and build their Windows 8/Windows Phone, #Android and #iOS projects using #NuGet, #Gradle and #CocoaPods.

NOTE: Make sure to subscribe @ . But let your friends at G+ know your coming!

* Maarten Balliauw is the founder of, delivering NuGet service in the Cloud. He will talk about NuGet,, the technology used to manage dependencies in the Windows Phone Development cycle.
* Alex Manarpies works is a Mobile App Consultant at iDA MediaFoundry and will give you a tour of what CocoaPods has to offer in terms of dependency management for iOS projects.
* Alex Van Boxel is Software Architect at Vente-Exclusive. He will talk Gradle, the emerging build standard in the Android dev. world. The talk will also cover dependency management and setting up your own private repository.

The kind people at VRT have generously offered us a room, spread the word, we hope to meet you there.

To celebrate our kick-off, the talks are followed by a reception. We hope you’ll all stick around, so we can discuss the topics at hand.

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Lately I've been working on a lightweight Dependency Injection framework for Objective C. You can find it at Feel free to send me some feedback or fork it to add your additions.
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