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Bloggers on Blogging, Listen to the Experts, Part 2

Yesterday I shared the thoughts of 10 expert bloggers and here, in the second part of that post, are 11 more seasoned veterans to share their wisdom, humor and grace. Enjoy your reading, enjoy your weekend!

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+Linda Wolff  seems to write with almost effortless humor and so I always assumed that the side stichingly funny one liners that she zings off everyday were the work of a woman who writes blog posts with similar ease.  I was wrong.  In a personal and honest essay,  Linda talks about what is like when the writing just won’t happen.  She leaves us with words each of us needs to remember, “write what you want to write and not what you think others want to hear. If you’re heart isn’t in it people will know, it will show.”

What is the worst thing that can happen to you as a blogger?  You wake up one morning and your site has been hacked and content is missing. +Joy Weese Moll  will walk you through steps to take to make sure that your content is properly backed up and secure.  She and her husband have a multi-point plan that provides security and peace of mind.

Here they are, the Ten Commandments of Blogging from +Miriam Hendeles   While she gives us best practices in this wonderful list, the 11th commandment of blogging "Thou shalt follow some of the ten commandments at all times" may be the best. Know the rules, and know when to break them.

+Beverly Diehl  helps her readers out by giving them some real world blogging advice and then sharing some of her favorite writers, agents, groups and blogs.  For anyone starting out and looking for place and people to connect with, this is humor, help and inspiration.

+Jackie DeMuro  examines why we blog and settles on the very best reason, “More than anything, though, and the best reason I can think of to blog is because I love it. I love sharing my stories, my opinions, my perspectives with those of you who are kind enough to listen. Frankly, I cannot think of a single thing I’ve ever done that has brought me such pleasure.” For anyone considering starting a blog, Jacqueline can show you why it can change your life.

Readers arrive at our blogs through the most unexpected ways.  Here +Barbara Younger  on the occasion of her blog’s second anniversary, shares some of the truly strange ways readers found their way to Friend for the Ride.

+Kim Dalferes  looks back on her blog’s anniversary at what works and what doesn’t.  She shares those topics that her readers found most interesting and comes to understand that, “I don’t have to be brilliant every post, but I should create posts that are colorful, easy to read, and provide a little value or perhaps advice.”

+J.D. Rothman  began her blogging journey examining the college admission process and here she shows what happened when she anonymously dipped her toes into the travel writing waters. Her experience is a real surprise for anyone trying to fly under the radar.

On +Marcia Kesterdoyle  second blog anniversary she reflect on the changes in her life that blogging has wrought when she says, “Am I addicted to blogging? Yes. Do I regret it? No. My only regret is that I didn't discover  this wonderful, creative outlet for self expression years ago.”

+Melissa Swedoski  moved into blogging as a way to organize and share all the information she was collecting when she transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom. “After years of having to cover news that other people made, it’s been such a freeing experience getting to write whatever I want – humor, sadness, fiction, photography, opinions.”

While many writers begin to blog as a way to promote their books, for +Laura Lee Carter  the tide ran the other way and blogging led to writing.  As she explains, “For me, the practice of daily writing is reassuring, illuminating, and healing. “

One of the most important parts of blogging? Reading others blogs, leaving comments, making friends.  Here +carla birnberg shows us how it is done.
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Bloggers on Blogging: Listen to the Experts

In blogging slump?  Just starting a blog?  Looking for writing inspiration? Gathered here are the voices of experts, bloggers who have been in the trenches and have found success with their writing.  Come hear what they have to say and how it can help you in moving forward. 

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+Sharon Greenthal  brings her trademark sharp observations to this piece How to talk to a Blogger.  Putting yourself out there as a blogger is going to invite some very funny, uncomfortable and rude commentary in the real world.  Sharon will prepare you to face this onslaught as she reminds us,   “Blogging is like sitting in the middle of a crowded restaurant talking to yourself – no one can hear you, and they might think you’re nuts.”

Here they are, the ten lessons learned from a successful blogger and author. +Vikki Claflin  concentrates on how to put yourself into a position to do your best writing, and ultimately that is what matters. She shows anyone starting out how life lessons are truly blogging lessons.

+Michelle Nahom  addresses an issue on every bloggers mind...comments.  If you are not getting comments, or know you have the potential for many more, Michelle can walk you through the steps that will revolutionize your blog and get readers engaged with your content.  Engaged readers are return readers and How to go from Zero to 50 Comments on Your Blog Posts is a must read.

As important as knowing what to do, is knowing what not to do.  +Lori Lavender Luz  a prolific reader of blogs, will steer you clear of some rookie and more advanced mistakes that turn readers away.  After all the work bloggers do to create great content, it would be a shame to let yourself down with any of these easily corrected errors.

Most bloggers are adults but +Jennifer Wagner  an expert in teens and technology, explains why blogging has real benefits for teens. Using research to back up her assertions she shows that, “Self-esteem, social anxiety, emotional distress and the number of positive social behaviors improved significantly for the bloggers when compared to the teens who did nothing and those who wrote private diaries.”

+Lois Alter Mark  is a very experienced blogger who touches on another side fo of life online: blogging for good.  Between her work for shot@life and other charitable work, she had learned to how to use her platform in the online world for the aid of others.  Here she explains how she and others have using Blogging for Good.

This post is exactly what you would expect from a blog called Much Needed Advice.  +Sabrina Lovejoy  is a veteran blogger and her post is full of nitty gritty advice for anyone looking to create a successful blog. She is an honest blogger sharing her mistakes and foibles, her triumphs and success all in the name of helping her readers do better.

Are you in need of blogging inspiration? +Marci Rich  takes on the challenges of BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo.  It is a creative challenge like no other, a Blogging marathon, not for the faint at heart.  If all of this is a bit confusing, Marci makes in all clear in her aptly and inspiring post, “Why We Write When We Have No Time.”

+Nancy Hill  in a touching and very personal blog post, examines why we write and what it does for us.  She talks of the page being there to listen when times are good and when they are bad.  But then she touches on what might be the very essence of why we write, “I write because writing is one of the processes that creates and defines me; I write because writing is me; but the very best thing about writing is finding out that some thought  to which I have given voice has  touched the inner essence of another human being.”

Just starting out?  Trying to decide if blogging is for you?  +Alexandra Williams  has been there, done that and compiled a list of what she wishes she had known her first week online.  While all are useful, some truly come from the voice of experience, "Having mean or condescending comments actually means you’re becoming successful," she explains.
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Sabrina L. commented on a post on Blogger.
This was SO funny that I had to let my daughter read it and, while she's familiar with the song and all references, we agree your take on it was AWESOME! It helps that she was also a fan of Pokemon.

Very well done!
Feelin' Slizzard in my G6?
Feelin' Slizzard in my G6?
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