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The 27th person to take the +PR Conversations PRoust Questionnaire is Kim Blachette, APR, FCPRS, vice president of public affairs for the +Alberta Energy Regulator and current president of +Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS)

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Are people still making use of G+ as a resource? Last week I was offline much of the time, attending the annual +Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Festival. As a result, I didn't find the time to post +Heather Yaxley and +Catherine Arrow's really important "debate" on +PR Conversations (here on G+) about the long-term health implications of #PR and #communications staff dealing with a #crisis (or in Cathy's case, physical #disaster as has happened in New Zealand over the past few years). If you have not as yet, please do take the time to read, particularly if you work in the area of #internalcomms or #HR.

And if you care to, weigh in to me whether G+ is still a viable place to share and engage on such topics. Thank you!

(I did share on Twitter and LinkedIn, and Heather did so on Facebook; it was just G+ which was PRC post AWOL.)

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The (two remaining) principals, +Judy Gombita and +Heather Yaxley, are starting up +PR Conversations again (in earnest). Read +Heather Yaxley's post about what is staying the same and what is changing.

Props to +Markus Pirchner (for his past Techster and more role), as well as Toni Muzi Falconi for being the original visionary for the blog (more than 10 years ago!).

Next week will see a "debate" post between Heather and (past principal and contributor) +Catherine Arrow. And the week after that check out a new PRoust Questionnaire from Kim Blanchette, vice president, public affairs, +Alberta Energy Regulator and national president, +Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS).

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The 24th PR practitioner/academic to take the +PR Conversations PRoust Questionnaire is +Tina McCorkindale (president and CEO of the IPR).
Do you know +Tina McCorkindale, the (new-sh) president and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations (IPR)? She is the 24th person to take the +PR Conversations PRoust Questionnaire, and her answers will certainly serve as a "get to know Tina" cheat sheet. 

Of course the fact that she has a great sense of humo(u)r (and self-knowledge) endeared Tina to me from the get-go.  And look at how she answered this question!

19. Where do you most like to do your professional networking?

Conferences, restaurants, and bars.

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This #crisiscomms  / #crisismanagement  post by Aaron Shardy focuses on the automotive sector.
Welcome +Aaron Shardey to the +PR Conversations roster of writers. This #crisiscomms  post (particularly about the auto sector) is informed primarily by the research he did for his #PR  degree at the *London College of Communications* 

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Regarding +Volkswagen ....
New on +PR Conversations, +Heather Yaxley has expanded (including a more-senior practitioner focus) the comment she made on a guest post on +Richard Bailey's "Behind The Spin" blog.  If you've been one of the "PR" experts criticizing the efforts of +Volkswagen's public relations team (and efforts), you should make reading this a PRIORITY. 

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A return to +PR Conversations by +Enrica Orecchia. She follows up her original Op-Ed (three years ago) about Italian women working in public relations with an updated "collective" post (interviewing 11 practitioners, all Italian, female and members of the national PR association, Ferpi). It's a rich narrative, including some provocative assertions (about male colleagues).

Query to women (and men): How closely does this reflect your (national) public relations understanding and experience? Stop by the comments section and let Enrica know.

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Taking our PRoust Questionnaire is Andy Green
The 23rd respondent to +PR Conversations' PRoust Questionnaire is (CIPR president candidate) +Andy Green. To give you a "taste" of his answers, this is what Andy indicated is his "PR motto" ‘Beautiful questions lead to Beautiful ideas’.

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Toni Muzi Falconi (founder of the original +PR Conversations and continuing frequent contributor), weighs in on 21-st century integrated reporting--and thinking! #IIRC #PR

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+Stephen Waddington's take on the Global Alliance's "global standards in public relations" initiative.  
If you work in public relations how do I know if you're any good or not? We need a competency framework. It's a work in progress by the Global Alliance.
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