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So maybe it is time to teach concentration habits...

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Analyzing Scope Creep
            Scope creep can be a project manager's nightmare! Scope
creep is defined by Portny et al. (2008) as "the natural tendency of the
client, as well as project team members, to try to improve the project's output
as the project progresses" (p. 346)....

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Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources: Project Management Resources
            This week we were asked to find resources that would be
helpful for instructional design projects. After all, there are many pieces to
every project--costs, time, effort, activities, resources, etc. Keeping track
of all of that seems like a herc...

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Interesting ideas. This could be fun to try.

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Communicating Effectively
et al. (2008) wrote, "The key to successful project management is
effective communication" (p. 357). However, when you are working with a
team, there are a number of ways to communicate including meetings, e-mail,
phone calls, memos or whatever works...

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Interdisciplinary Project "Post-mortem"
By trade, I'm a 9th
grade English teacher and you may or may not know that education is an ever-changing
process with an ebb and flow of  "best
practices" and new ideas. One year our principal was really stressing the
importance of interdisciplinary project...

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EDUC 6145 Project Management Begins...
A new Walden course has begun: Project Management in
Education & Training. I'm a little nervous about this course because we
have spent so much time focusing on the Instructional Design portion of
projects, but I am looking forward to the challenges. Beside...

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Reflection on Distance Learning & its Future
As technology advances, distance
education is becoming more relevant and accepted; however, as Huett, Moller,
Foshay and Coleman (2008) wrote, "We just need to choose to view
e-learning as the question rather than the answer" (p. 66). There are many

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