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Al Ebnereza
Photographer, Teacher, Friend and all around Renaissance-y kind of guy ;)
Photographer, Teacher, Friend and all around Renaissance-y kind of guy ;)

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#youtubegaming  Anyone else get this 404 error when trying to load

Also, I wonder what the story is behind the Lorem ipsum string :)
Eh +Moritz Tolxdorff?

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Say Hello to the New Google :-O

Google has a new CEO (well he's not a new face)! 




#googlerestructured   #siliconvalleyhistory  

Where did the Share button vanish off to?

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Is your Adobe Creative Cloud data safe? Think again!

+Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion +Matt Kloskowski Kelby Gang, we just hit a HUGE snag/bug with Lightroom (LR Mobile) and Adobe Cloud storage. There is a major flaw in the LR GUI when creating Catalogs and "sync"ing to Adobe CC. 

Long story short, it's VERY simple and easy to delete 1000s of images off of your creative cloud in a matter of a second. 

And what's worse? Adobe has no means of data recovery for us, as a paying customer of an enterprise cloud storage service! Unbelievable!

While they apologized to us profusely about the very unacceptable oversight in the software and their back-end data storage practices, it makes it none the less possible to get back work on 1000s of images that were worked on by our studio crew, from multiple devices. 

I can fill you guys in on the details. It's a scenario very likely possible for many studios/businesses who have more than 1 computer or 1 person syncing/using LR/LR Mobile/CC. I believe very strongly that this should be talked about out in the open.  
#photographers   #adobe   #lightroom   #lightroomCC   #CreativeCloud   #lightroommobile   #cloudstorage   #datasecurity  


Annie Lennox hasn't aged a DAY since the 80s.

+Madonna Take note darling. Ye done messed up your face with plastic surgery. I seriously wish women would stop destroying their face with plastics!

#grammys   #grammys2015   #madonna   #annielennox  

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Happy Birthday to my homie +Brian McDonald

I don't really post often on G+ anymore, been way too busy with life. But thanks to a little intervention, I am taking the opportunity to wish an old fellow of mine a very Happy Birthday! It's been Ages! I hope you're well Brian, and I hope the rest of you all are well also. 

Hope this year is filled with more camera gear, carpentry gear, new cool table creations and all sorts of coolness bro!

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+Moritz Tolxdorff It's time to upgrade from your Sugru Mini-dock buddy! Check this out.

Here's one pretty badass dock for the Macbook Pros. Yowza!! Impeccable craftsmanship, nice rubberized sleeve on the inside, and all the ports just plug right in to the laptop. Boom!

Thanks to my buddy +Brett Meier for the heads up. 

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Aber wirklich

Thanks to my buddy +Laura Lopez for showing me this video on how CRAZY German can get with its word compounding.

Pretty hilarious! +Moritz Tolxdorff I dare you to memorize this, or say the biggest word 10 times fast. It made my tongue fall out of my mouth :-P~

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