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Tim Barribeau
Science and technology writer, you can find me around the internet.
Science and technology writer, you can find me around the internet.


Any photographers/photography writers out there want to talk about lenses for a piece I'm working on for the Wirecutter? Would love some expert opinions...

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Somehow, over the last week or so, I've gotten around a bajillion new followers on G+. I'd love to know why — anyone want to clue me in?

Also, is there a good autopost to G+ from Twitter tool yet? Because that'd be swell if there were.

So I finally got around to buying Lightroom (I'm a long time Photoshop boy). So can anyone recommend a good series of introductory tutorials so I can get a handle on this thing?

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Taken on a foggy day in San Francisco. Trying to really play with the greyness of staring out to sea.
Low contrast
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Anyone know of a good way to autopost from Twitter to G+?

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Lake Tahoe (some medium format)
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A thing I wrote about 500px for DPReview Connect

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On the hunt for tripod experts who'd be willing to talk to me for a piece I'm working on. Anyone out there got any suggestions?
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