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Weeds, NOT landscape plants, by Todd Hagenbuch
This time of the year, flower gardens throughout the area are in full bloom with all kinds of beautiful foliage.   Some of those flowers are annuals, some perennials.   Some are from seed, others grown from bedding plants, and others gifts from friends or n...

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Decorative ground cover or weed? A second look by Vicki Barney
Bistop's weed 2016 Last summer I researched a cultivated plant, a pretty groundcover that, in my garden, turned shabby and thirsty looking by August.   ( See 2016 photo ) Snow-on-the-mountain or bishop’s weed ( Aegopodium podagraria ) is a nonnative ornamen...

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Harison’s Yellow Rose – an Enduring Pioneer by Melissa Baynes
Harison’s Yellow Rose – an Enduring Pioneer by Melissa Baynes Rosa x harisonii Rivers [ foetida × spinosissima ] Men packed tools, provisions and practical provender, the women; Bibles, quilts and their precious roses.     They were the keepers of memory, c...

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What is a Native Pollinator? By Ed Powers
Courtesy Living on earth/Male Broad
throated Hummingbird visiting Colorado Flowers Native pollinators   are those species that are native to a specific region. To the   Native Pollinators   in
Agriculture Project, that region is North America. The Leafcutte...

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Pollinator Celebration! June 24 in Jefferson County
Come join us on June 24, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Jefferson County Courthouse(known as the Taj to many of us) on the south grounds at the Courage Gardens.   We will be celebrating Pollinators on this day with tours in our Courage Garden on site a...

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What are Pollinators and why do we need them? by Ed Powers
Pollinators at Home Courtesy yard   This blog is meant to introduce you to
pollinators and pollination and their value to our economy.   We as Americans have become more focused on
their value for many reasons; one of the most important is the reduc...

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The Joy and Pains of Gardening by Kristina Hughes, Clear Creek County Master Gardener
I spend a lot of time in the garden, working. My colleagues are mostly middle-aged women and our bodies start to show wear and tear part way through the season. This season has barely started and I'm already feeling aches and pains, so I'm going to make mor...

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Sedums at High Altitude?   Solution: Container Gardening. by Lorrie Redman
Sedums! I wish I could write a jingle about them since they are some of my favorite container plants. It would start with (remember to sing this!) star flowered, succulent, eccentric and chubby. Ok, I admit I am not a poet or songwriter. What I do know is h...

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Junior Master Gardeners in Routt County by Jo Smith
Summer of 2017 will mark the third season of the Junior Master Gardner program. In collaboration with Routt County Master Gardeners and the Yampa River Botanic Park, four Junior Master Gardening workshops will be offered for 3 rd through 5 th graders. The J...

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What are "fruit flies" doing in my houseplants? By Barbra Sanders
pesky flies are considered "nuisance" pests in our homes in winter. In
large numbers however, the larvae can cause significant root damage. They could have entered your home with outdoor plants that have
been brought inside for the winter. These flies...
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