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Why did you choose this course as your FYS? What are you hoping to accomplish in this seminar? What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?

Ever since I have been a little girl I have LOVED fairy tales. All types from Hunchback of Notre Dame to Cinderella. So, naturally, when I was signing up for our required first year seminars the class “From Grim to Disney” caught my eye. I thought that this class would be the most interesting and it’s on a topic I actually like and will enjoy learning about. To this day I still watch fairy tales and love every second of them.
My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King. When I was younger I was obsessed with Simba and when they came out with Lion King Two I thought it was the best day ever. I love it because I also have a soft spot for animals so when I saw lion king I loved that all the main characters were lions and other animals. I still cry when Mufasa dies in the first one. The songs in lion king also made the movie ten times greater for me because they were very catchy. In The Lion King Two I loved the love story plot and I also really like how the two packs become friends in the end, it’s really the perfect ending.
Once I started getting older I learned and heard that Disney actually took their stories from other older tales and changed them into child movies. This topic had always interested me, knowing what some of my favorite Disney stories were actually about and derived from. That is something I hope to learn this semester from this class.
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