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Pineapples for the win! 🍍 Play tennis in the Doodle Fruit Games 🎾 🌟 #GoogleDoodle

Is there some support for integrating this app into other android apps?

I need support of image to PDF or something more readable like what office lens do into my android app which takes image of receipts.

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Hey all,
I am planning to use card view widget in my app however as google mentioned Cards within a card collection can each contain a unique data set. How to pass this unique data set with different context and action to a grid view like in the image given.

What i am getting as for now they are using some specific type for each data set and check if it exists or not and then show it in grid view by appending existing data set.

Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding google now UI. How does it shows different type of  cards( Different data and actions) inside a listview. Is it a scrollview with cards appended in it or really a listview. I have a need to create something like list of different cards.


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