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InfluxDB on Ubuntu: Too many open files
I had InfluxDB (a great time-series datastore) running on Ubuntu, and kept running into these errors: IO error: /opt/influxdb/shared/data/db/shard_db_v2/00031/356947.ldb: Too many open files The issue was that the Ubuntu default for open files is 1024: root...

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Twitter typeahead.js with BootStrap 3, AJAX, and CoffeeScript
I ran into a few problems today while deploying Twitter's typeahead.js.  I had dynamic typeahead data that I needed to pull from a URL (like an AJAX request), and I also needed to integrate typeahead with Bootstrap 3 (which breaks almost all of TypeAhead's ...

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Ruby on Rails gem: Uninitialized Constant (class name)
I was working on a Ruby on Rails project earlier, and ran into a really frustrating issue regarding gems. I added the influxdb gem to my Gemfile, did a bundle install, saw it installed successfully, then tried to use it in an ApplicationController.  No luck...
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