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PTL 2016 is on - selection and lottery season
This is the planning and lottery season for most major mountain
ultramarathon races during summer 2016. Many of the lotteries are already over,
for instance regarding the major US races Hardrock 100 and Western States Endurance Run .   Others are ongoing, l...
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Travel days & running photos
The fall has been even more challenging with regards to my travel
schedule. Yesterday I enjoyed myself by counting how many travel days I have
had this year. I can congratulate myself in having passed 130 days during the
first 45 weeks of the year. That is ...
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Following Petite Trotte à Léon PTL 2015 from the bench
One year ago Otto and I was in Chamonix and if I remember correctly was
on our way to the pre-race briefing for Petite Trotte à Léon (PTL) when I write this. The start
was then later in the afternoon. This year I will be on an airport heading for
a business...
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Mont Blanc 80 km 2015 race report
It has gone three weeks since I ran Mont Blanc 80 km and it feels
definitively too late for a race report. If it had been only about my
experiences and learnings I would probably have skipped writing this
altogether, I do not need to write this either to pr...
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Back in Chamonix
I am back in Chamonix for this year’s first race – Mont Blanc 80 km .
Feel quite unprepared for the start 4 am tomorrow morning, in five hours, as I
flew in today. No drop-bag for this short race, which makes the bag quite full
at least in the beginning of ...
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I am a runner…
…and not a cyclist. And neither any longer a swimmer, somewhat to my
surprise. And, I have clearly during the last few years focused on long
endurance training for mountain ultramarathons and not shorter distances. So,
afterwards, it is almost funny to thin...
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Massage and foam rolling in mountain ultramarathon running
For an ultramarathon runner it is obvious that training is damaging for
muscles, soft tissues and bones and that it is necessary to balance the
training with the right amount of recovery in order to improve the muscle
strength and endurance. This balance qu...
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Monday morning movie
  The peak by Christian Mülhauser on Vimeo The perfect short film to watch on the Monday morning
commute on the way to a new work week. I found it on Fossil Alpinism , one of my
absolute favorite blogs.
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Strength training for mountain ultramarathon runners and foot strike patterns
This spring I have spent considerable more time in the gym compared to
past seasons. This is of course time I rather should have spent out on the
trail running – I am sure that there are no shortcuts and to be good at running
you need to run. Hence, I am ra...
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The importance of downhill training for mountain ultramarathon trail running
Winter has passed since my last post and spring here in Sweden has
finally arrived after a long period of “in between” the seasons. The winter was
unusually mild, but I anyway managed to get over 30 downhill ski days together
with my family, much due to the...
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