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I posted this in response to my brothers post but thought I'd share it with both of you:

Regarding the upcoming Netflix price increase:

Look, I understand the need to increase fees, after all Netflix accounts for 15% of North American web traffic (22% by some sources). That's more than all you bitorrenting hounds out there! Pardon my french, but that's pretty fucking huge. However a sudden lurch upwards of 60% from what I'm paying now with no promises of new services or streaming shows or movies is a little bold if you ask me. To be honest, it kinda pisses me off. At least give me a little tickle with "New deal struck with so and so, bringing such and what not soon".

Don't get me wrong, I love Netflix and I stream now more than ever especially with my daughter's shows from Nick Jr., but I think there had to be a better way to do it. Especially since their stock does nothing but go up and they just broke into Latin America. Do you really need to generate $115,000,000 more a month in revenue? Right now!? (That number is from giving every one of Netflix's 23,000,000 subscribers a $5/month increase. I know the real numbers will be lower. but have to start somewhere.)

And after saying all that, I'll keep my subscription. I can't help it. I need it. I just want to say to Netflix that now that you are the undisputed king of internet TV and Movie broadcasting AND DVD by mail rental provider, don't start acting like utility companies and other local or regional monopolies, and give me the rough ride with no dinner and expect me to be happy about it. I like to cuddle.

(You hear this City of Columbia, SC Water Company?!)
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Trying to get the hang of this thing. Any tops from my two friends would be great!
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