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Kurone Shizuhi
Working towards being a Voice Artist :)
Working towards being a Voice Artist :)

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I have placed together a number of Japanese learning resources that I have used over the past 10 years of my journey. I hope that it will be of use to whoever who needs it :)


Feel free to comment for questions, clarifications, recommendations, or just to share your story.

TL;DR Looking for a Korean-Japanese language exchange partner.
Please help me share this post around. Thank you people!

I am sincerely looking for any language exchange partner who is fluent in Korean and wants to learn Japanese. I hope to find someone who is enthusiastic about both learning and teaching, and I hope that we can contribute to each other's learning equally. This is why I'm not only looking for someone who is fluent in Korean, but for someone who wants to learn Japanese so that I can give something back in return. Just a bit of a background about myself; I mainly self-studied my Japanese since 2005, and have been privately teaching Japanese for the past two years and have seen my student grow from N5 to N3.
However, I'm not looking for an intensive coaching session or anything. I just seriously hope to find a partner in which we can send each other messages to clarify questions that each of us might have, and of course to get to know each other better while doing so. If anyone is looking for a language partner, or know of anyone who needs a language partner, please comment or pass this post along. Thank you so much for reading.

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Watching this again. Such inspiration!

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Despite Beijing’s increased transparency with air pollution, water pollution remains a taboo in China. Just reading this article makes me want to puke.

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Putting children at risk of self-harm into cells? What is the world coming to?

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What an amazing job! I simply adore her perspective on it too!

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Gackt gives students a rock star graduation

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This is friggin fantastic.
Thanks for sharing +wara zashi
More like this please, world.
The school has introduced five uniform options, including shorts, long pants, culottes and a kilt, and pupils are free to choose any option regardless of their gender. Principal Heidi Hayward said the initiative aimed to remove gender stereotypes.
"We don't say there's a girls' uniform and a boys' uniform. There's five options for the uniform, and as long as you wear them in their entirety, you can wear whichever uniform you please.''
Ms Hayward said the initiative came from the pupils. (...) She said the pupils had been accepting of the options, but parents had taken longer to warm to the initiative.
"The kids weren't really fussed about it. It's adults that have taken a while to get their heads around it - they've asked lots of questions.''

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I have heard many recounts of the horrors of North Korea. It is just so heart-breaking...

Via +Chris Veerabadran
So inhumane and tragic, most of the world does not even know the horrors. And such stories are countless. SIGH .
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