Part 2 of My Exciting News!! With the help of the +Springpad Team (especially +Devin from Springpad), I am thrilled to announce my new white paper called, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Things Done with Springpad!

In this new 15-page guide, I walk you through how to leverage Springpad to help jumpstart your productivity to all new levels! 

I'll discuss each of the 5 phases of the GTD® workflow and then I will show you how to apply each phase in the new Springpad! 

This guide is rich with detail and screen shots to help you get setup step-by-step! Plus, learn more about how I leverage +Whitelines Paper (the new Link paper) to automatically send my handwritten notes and drawings right to Springpad! It's only $1.99 and and I've setup some bundled discounts so that you can buy this in conjunction with the much lengthier Springpad eBook!

Thank you to all of you as always for your unbelievable support!!
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