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The best comicbook podcast recorded on a Thursday night in Southampton.
The best comicbook podcast recorded on a Thursday night in Southampton.


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On last night's MOMBcast, we talked about:

2000AD #1873 by Rob Williams, Henry Flint, Pat Mills, Clint Langley, David Baillie, Jon Davis-Hunt, Paul Marshall, Dan Abnett & Mark Harrison
Zero #6 by +Ales Kot & Vanessa Del Rey/ +Jordie Bellaire 
Lazarus #7 by +Greg Rucka  & Michael Lark
Sex Criminals #5 by Matt Fraction & +Chip Zdarsky
Letter 44 #5  by Charles Soule & Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque
Ms Marvel #2 by G Willow Wilson & Alphonse Alphona
The Fuse #2 by Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood

You can listen to it here: 

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This is what Nick sees when James is talking about Asterix. Look at him!

If you don't really quite GET James' Tintin and Asterix spotlights, this may go some way to explaining why they're awesome. Look at his little face! Look at his chunky little hamster hand! That sort of enthusiasm is infectious!
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He hates himself so much it's hilarious.
This is the sort of mood James was in after last night's #mombcast  recording.
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There are only a few more hours to enter our free competition to win a full set of the comics given away for Free Comic Book Day by our friends at Forbidden Planet Southampton. A second set will be broken into bundles which will go to runners up.

To enter, all you have to do is guess how many single comics (not including trade paperbacks or original graphic novels) were sold at the Southampton branch of Forbidden Planet on Free Comic Book Day 2013.

Send your guess VIA EMAIL ONLY to The deadline for this is 6pm, 16/05/2013 GMT (so, today!)

You do not need to have listened to the show to enter this competition, although if you wanna afterwards, that'd be pretty cool! This competition is open to anyone, anywhere - we'll post the prize to you wherever you are!

Our thanks go as always to the great ladies and gents of Forbidden Planet Southampton for their support and the prizes!

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Nick posted about the whole Uncanny Avengers "M-word" thing, and also about how creators behave in the face of online criticism.

It's long but tasty!

Does anybody know who the first comic book character resurrection was? Asking for a friend. Theories welcome. (Jesus doesn't count.)

Thursday is #MOMBcast recording day!
If you've got any questions or comments about comics for the show, or want to contribute 2-5 minutes of audio yourself, mail us at!

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Out of Print by Joseph Ciano
Nice little low-fi documentary that features people who would know talking about the economic history of the comic book, and the possibilities of digital comics.
(I would say all that, it basically feeds into my confirmation bias perfectly.)

#MOMBcast records tonight! If you've got anything to say about comics, send us your 2-5 mins of audio, & we'll MAKE YOU FAMOUS*

*#MOMBcast has a very small audience, but you will be famous TO THEM. Except maybe the other ones who contribute. To them you're a RIVAL.

Send us any questions or comments about comics to: that's also where your audio should go!

Deadline for questions/comments is around 6-ish GMT. Audio contributions can get to us as late as about 8-ish for inclusion.

(Participating does not effect your statutory rights, whatever THAT means.)

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LOVELY Mick McMahon art on the three most important Judges!

From his blog, here:
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