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The rain sure is setting the mood today...we miss and love you, Vicky <3

London is awesome!!! Wanna read about all the awesomeness and see fun pictures? (there IS one of me with a TARDIS, just sayin') Then check out my London blog!


Even the nicest guys are still guys and therefore clueless, oblivious, and confusing.

Anton Yelchin, Colin Ferrell with an American accent, and a shirtless Scotsman. What's not to love?! --Seeing "Fright Night" advanced screening with Maura tonight!

A manicure for $17 when it's originally $40?!? Oh, I shouldn't. But I should. But I can't. But I want to. But no. But yes! Hmmmm... But I...Its for....But Josh...I mean...He could....I would....We'd be....hhhnnnnggggggg. I can't. I shan't. I should. I could. I would. I will. I won't. I do. What? Yes, James. I do....want to lick whipped cream off your body. What? Noooooooo. Yes? Maybe? I don't know. Lip gloss? It's poppin'. Where is this going? Oh I don't know. Pigfarts. Where all the decent men have gone. It's on Mars. What? Yes. Ok? Don't question it.

Wow. Everything was going fantastically well today until I realized I'm probably going to fail my ASL class. I can kiss my recent honors status goodbye.

Sooo I get to see Josh Groban FOR FREE & the hotel is going to cost next to nothing....I think this means I can splurge a little and buy myself a nice top for the trip! :D

I'm on pottermore!!!! MidnightSeer97....kinda dumb but whatever, I'M IN!

Why did I not find this student advantage card 2 years ago?! I could've been saving all this time! grrrr
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