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Some Lego Bricks were hurt in the making of this video

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You can do anything you like with bayonets, except sit on them
--- Talleyrand

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Turkey is outraged that Erdogans bodyguards were not permitted sufficient time to beat up protestors.

Having an utterly disrespected president shows when the bullies come visiting :-(.

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Ich bin mir ganz sicher, so rettet man das Kino ;-)

Im Ernst: mir kann das Kino nicht schnell genug sterben. Ich sehe Filme tausend mal lieber auf meinem Sofa als in einem versifften Kino-Saal und habe keine Lust mehrere Monate nach dem Release zu warten. Lieber Netflix als Cinemax!

Die Kinos können gerne weiter existieren, aber nur als ein Kanal unter vielen. Wer ein Kino als Erlebnis sieht, soll das gerne geniessen. Aber es wird nicht mehr der führende Kanal bleiben.

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I think a lot of startups currently work that way...

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For God's sake will someone install more memory in the exit sign at the Austin airport?

via #fefe

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I am no expert on American Football but I don't think that this is a hallmark sign of a good quarterback:

"The challenge they have is that the president sometimes moves so rapidly that they don't get a team around that gets it organized," said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and Trump ally. "He's a little bit like a quarterback that gets ahead of his offensive line."

So let's look up the role of a Quarterback at Wikipedia:

Prior to each play, the quarterback will usually tell the rest of his team which play the team will run.

So even key allies admit, he is not able to play in a team.

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Please tell me that I do not see the President of the U.S. threatening the former head of the FBI with secret tapes....

J. Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave.

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Ich würde mir ja ein Urteil wünschen, dass Uber einen überzieht und gleichzeitig die Stasis im Taxigewerbe aufbricht ;-).
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