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Und nun ratet mal, welcher Staatssekretär in Zukunft für Cyber- und Informationssicherheit zuständig ist...
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Positive surprises

My cynical self just took a hit. I forgot my Kindle in the Cafe when I was drinking a refreshment while waiting for my bus. I became hectic when the bus was a bit early and I left it on the table.

I was already pleasantly surprised when I called later and they confirmed they found it. But instead of sending a taxi cab with it (which I would’ve gladly paid), the employee took a detour on her way home and brought it to my hotel. To finish my cynicism off, she refused any reward with a determination superior to mine to give her one.

So should you ever come to Plaka (Crete, Greece), please drink a coffee there and tip generously.
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When the sun sets in the West...

Our golden age ended on September 11th, 2001. The day we decided to make fear our ultimate ruler, when we succumbed to the false promises of safety in exchange for liberty, when we chose to rate our believes higher than our knowledge, when we started to reject the stranger instead of welcoming him and when we turned our eyes from the future towards the past.
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No one can tell I'm heading for a vacation better than Amazon. Just counted: I bought 20+ Kindle books within the last 7 days for my wife and me...

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Als deutscher Bahnkunde hat man da Tränen in den Augen vor Neid ;-)

via +Kristian Köhntopp

Wir sind beim Bahnverkehr in der Welt inzwischen nur noch ein kleines Licht.

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The Frankenmedia and their monster

Trump is rather successful in his attacks on the media.... at least where is followers are concerned. Why is that?

His attacks work because the media is in a deep crisis.

The crisis is not there because the media is reporting fake news or lying about Trump. It is because the media lost the most critical component of it's business: Trust.

If you do not have trust, the veracity of the news becomes irrelevant.

The trust was lost with the transformation from subscriber to advertiser financed media. It was not lost within a blink of an eye but it eroded slowly away.

The erosion accelerated with the digital transformation. The web was luring with additional advertising income with (allegedly) little effort and next to no distribution costs.

The money came not for the news (where truth mattered) but for attention (where it mattered less and less). Every click-bait headline was a pebble of trust tumbling down the hill of media credibility.

A lot of media companies complained about Google, Facebook & Co. One of their catchlines was "For Google the consumer is not a customer but the product." At that point, it was long true for the main stream media itself and they knew it. But they were riding a tiger and afraid of letting it go.

If I pay a company, I usually trust it. Otherwise it would not receive money from me. But by giving something for "free", the media already sows the seeds of mistrust.

By trying to lure my attention instead of tickling my interest, they loose some more.

By presenting advertisement as a news article, they are sticking a knife into the back of their trust.

By giving idiots space during prime time and on page one, they are kneecapping the trust into them.

Trump is not victim of the media crisis as he paints himself. Instead he is a symptom. He facilitated his rise by exploiting the media crisis. Trump was and is creating money for the media. They make money thanks to him. But that money comes with the stench of a poison pill.

In fact Trump is like Frankenstein's monster that turns on his creator. The media is giving him the attention he uses to attack (and destroy) them.

The monster got smart. Instead of waiting for the mob with torches and pitchforks, it is gathering and leading it.

Media beware! Your monster does no longer need you...
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