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Ive had an awesome time this year thanks for everybody couldn't have done it without anyone else especially my GF Jessica i love u<33 this was a great school year thanks u everyone...

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big booty bitches

who do i catch now when im ripping the ketch kose 

pow up drank head shot drank sit down drank stand up drank passout drank wake up drake faded drank faded drank i love that song

im so fresh suck my nuts SWAG!!!!!

i feel like using the noose sometimes...

anyone wanna come over and wanna watch some of them pornos but we wont be able to fapp our weenies because my parents are home but not on door if u want to 

nana papa from my gash on the gas real damn ninja but i was trying to get a number does anyone agree?

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i wan't to sell me soul for my gf<3
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