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How will you create a thread safe table backed unique sequence generator in spring hibernate?
This is a common scenario where you want to generate a database controlled unique sequence for your application business requirement i.e order number generator, id generator, claim number generator etc. Considering that your application may have distributed...

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How will you calculate a Large Factorial in Java?
Primitive integer is of 4
bytes signed type in Java, so can hold max value of 2147483647. If any
calculation demands to store a larger number than this, Java provides
BigInteger class to store that. BigInteger can theoretically hold a
value limited by y...

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What are left shift <<, right shift >> and Unsigned right shift >>> operator in Java? How are these useful?
What are left shift <<, right shift >> and Unsigned right shift >>> operator in Java? How are these useful? Integer in Java is of signed type 4 bytes (All Negative numbers are represented in 2’s complementary notation in Java), Java provides both signed and...

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Discuss Internals of Hashmap in Java
  Fig1. - Pictorial view for HashMap Internals. Important Facts about HashMap HashMap is a container of  pairs HashMap is list of Buckets arranged by hashcode of key When a bucket gets too large, hashmap implementation will change that bucket implementation...

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How to find if the Linked List contains any Cycle/Loop?
DetectCycle in LinkedList using two pointers. This solution is “Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm” as published in
“Non-deterministic Algorithms” by Robert W. Floyd in 1967. It is also
called “The Tortoise and the Hare Algorithm”.    O(n) time complexity Si...

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Is it safe to iterate over an ArrayList and remove its elements at the same time ? When do we get ConcurrentModificationException & hidden Iterator?
Iterator returned by the
ArrayList (and many other collection types) is fail-fast. If the list
is structurally modified at anytime after the iterator is created, in
any way except through the Iterator’s own remove() method, the iterator
will throw Concu...

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Is Java Pure Object Oriented Language?
What is OOP (Object Oriented Programming) ? Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based
on the concept of “objects”, which are data structures that contain
data, in the form of fields, often known as attributes; and code, in the
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