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The exitement
Well i have to move on.I got an offer to work with a company far away, and,finally one dream after the other is occurring by.I have to join by next month in their regional office.I'm pretty much exited about the new places that i have to travel.It feels s...

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Life is still life
Love's not simple as it thinks.It's very much complicated than u think.But also seems very simple at some times.My college days are long gone.All the exams have been survived.But still there is a magical bond between the college.No words can ever imagine it...

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Chapter-5-The day before the valentine's day
I met her finally....after a long drama of silence between us.We accidently had to meet for some other reasons.I found her in the corridor.She has changed.A lot....People change as they live,more prettier than always.My feelings for her were buried deep in ...


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ponnani trip... :D

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nithya menon childhood cute..

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Day after day she painted my dreams.My dreams to love.My dreams to live..... She planted some sort of magical seed in my heart.And i'm very far to be bloomed.Days and weeks passed by.Smiles and happiness were communicated;nothing else.I remember we had a fe...

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Smiling Lovers

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chapter 4-The moment i fell for her.
I love new year's.It's January one,2013.This was the day,i really fell for her unknowingly.A beautiful morning in the college.It was a usual day in college.Everyone was enjoying the free days after the semester examinations. I was coming down the staircase ...

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