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Where's the most inspirational place you've taken photos?

If you're anything like me, you'll find some locations simply cry out to be photographed. The interesting thing is they're not always where you expect them. I visited Machu Pichu and while I loved it, I just couldn't capture anything other than the classic view. But on the same trip I visited the Bolivian #Altiplano and was bombarded by view after view of wonderful landscapes. Here's one of my favourites...

So where has been your most inspirational location or trip for photography? It doesn't have to be landscapes either, it could be for people, wildlife or even unusual weather or food!
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Vermont Foliage Adventure - and how to choose a pro DSLR!

Upgrading your camera is always an exciting process, but deciding on one model from a potential shortlist can often prove difficult. This especially applies if you're investing in a higher-end body where buying the wrong model could prove to be a costly mistake.

Photographer +Scott Kublin found himself in this position, needing to choose a new pro DSLR for his job, but stuck with a choice of ageing models or rumours of new ones just round the corner. It didn't help that he had an important shoot in Vermont to photograph the Fall Foliage in the pipeline. Should he buy the established but ageing Nikon D3x or wait to see what came out between now and the 2012 Olympics? Or in this time of change, would renting prove the best plan?

In this article Scott describes the agony and ecstasy of choosing and testing pro DSLRs, while sharing a selection of photos from his Vermont Fall Foliage adventure!
Looking for a Nikon D3x review? Our writer rented one for 10 days to photograph the Vermont Fall Foliage. Find out if it was the camera he always wanted!
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Do you have the same thing happened? "Deleted All" pictures on a digital camera by mistake or u ever formatted the memory card of your camera without taking them out? Then are you looking for any photo recovery software to help you avoid such unpleasant situations?
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Looking for camera and equipment reviews?

Look no further! At Camera Labs I provide in-depth reviews of the latest cameras, lenses and accessories, and also handy buyer's guides for when you simply want to find out what's the best model right now! Check it out at the link below...
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Hello there, I'm +Gordon Laing , Editor of Camera Labs ! I've been publishing reviews and tutorials for over 20 years and hope to share many more with you here on Google+!
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