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PhoTransEdit (English Phonetic Transcription)
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Do you find it difficult to get sample transcriptions on the web? That's why PhoTransEdit has added a compilation of English Texts and their corresponding phonetic transcription to its web page.

We hope this compilation, named Transcription Library ( would help you improve your skills in transcribing English phonetically.

You can help this Library grow!!. If you have or know of any transcription, send it to me ( and I'll be glad to upload it. Remember to include the corresponding English text, the source and the accent used.
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PhoTransEdit Desktop 2.0 release is getting closer. As you know, I'm currently working on a new completely rebuilt version of PhoTransEdit Desktop (version 2.0) using a more modern development environment. A better product will be the result (more robust, useful, with less installation problems, etc). However, this new version will work only on Windows platforms (same as the previous ones). Due to my development skills, developing a multiplatform PhoTransEdit would take me longer and the product would be of much worse quality.

PhoTransEdit Desktop 2.0 will be a multi-document editor where it will be easier to open, save, create, edit, copy, paste and print phonetic transcriptions, created automatically from English text of from scratch. It will keep all the functionality of previous versions: automatic phonemic transcription in RP (Recieved pronunciation) and GA (General American), phonetic keyboard, export phonetic transcriptions to X-SAMPA, export phonetic transcription to HTML code numbers, export to Braille, find rhymes and find words containing certain sound patterns.

The Text2Phonetics dialog have been improved to include many more transcriptions options and a new dialog has been added to include in an RP transcription the phonemic variations in connected speech (assimilation, coalescence, etc.)

Besides, this new version will use a more updated version of PhoTransEdit database, which leads to better draft automatic transcriptions.

I hope you can enjoy this version soon!
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A wonderful website. 
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PhoTransEdit applications have been designed to help those who work with English phonetic transcriptions. Far from providing perfect automatic transcriptions, PhoTransEdit is aimed at just helping you save your time when writing, publishing or sharing English transcriptions.