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Dental Surgeon at Wisdom Teeth Professionals and Dental Implant Professionals In Sydney and Melbourne
Dental Surgeon at Wisdom Teeth Professionals and Dental Implant Professionals In Sydney and Melbourne
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Unbeatable Prices at

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Previous Wisdom Teeth Removal Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my dentist prior to my wisdom teeth removal consultation at your clinics in Melbourne and Sydney ?

NO. There is no need to have a referral for your first consultation.


How much experience does Dr Pinho have in tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal surgery in Melbourne and Sydney?

Dr Pinho (Dentist) has been performing oral surgery, tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal surgery since 1999. Thousands of patients have had oral surgery with him.


Does the wisdom teeth removal surgery involves standing on my chest or breaking my jaw to remove the wisdom teeth?

Definitely not. All professionals at Wisdom Dental Emergency in Melbourne and Sydney use specifically designed instruments and the latest technology and expertise to make all teeth extractions and wisdom teeth removal procedure gentle and painless.


How swollen will I be after the wisdom teeth removal?

Swelling after wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction is extremely variable between patients and depends upon the difficulty of the wisdom teeth removal surgery and position of the impacted wisdom teeth. In cases when it happens, the swelling increases up to the 3rd day and then reduces gradually.


How much pain will I feel after tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal surgery?

At Wisdom Dental Emergency, extreme attention is taken towards pain. Specific medications and instructions will be given to each patient accordingly to each case. Minimal discomfort will be felt if all instructions are properly followed after tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal.


When is the best time for wisdom teeth removal?

Generally speaking, the younger the better. Impacted wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth unattended will cause problems at some point for the majority of people. Earlier wisdom teeth removal consultation and evaluation specially in the teen years is a very important. The dental surgeon or an oral surgeon will explain to you the pros and cons of removing or leaving your wisdom teeth and all the risks involved. Each wisdom teeth case needs to be individually examined.


What can I eat after the wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Soft diet is adviced for a week to reduce any chances of contamination and infection after wisdom teeth removal.


Do I have to be put to sleep and go to the hospital for my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

At Wisdom Dental Emergency we will explain and give you options that will suit each case the best way. Generally speaking most of people requiring 4 wisdom teeth removal take the option of general anaesthetic.

These wisdom teeth procedures are performed at several hospitals in Melbourne. You will not need to spend the night at the hospital as all procedures are performed as day surgery and will usually last less than an hour.


Do I need to return to remove my stitches after the wisdom teeth removal surgery?

All stitches used at Wisdom Dental Emergency are dissolvable and will not be require removal. Dr Pinho feels, however, that is very important to review all patients between 7-14 days post wisdom teeth surgery. Review appointments are free of charge at Wisdom Dental Emergency.


What is Dry Socket?

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot washes off the socket after tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal. This results in pain and a bad taste in the mouth. Good tooth extraction surgical technique and proper post-operatory care will reduce any chances of dry socket after tooth extraction and wisdom teeth surgery. Dry socket is rarely seen at our practices.


This is a space for you to share and ask all your Wisdom Teeth Removal like Cost and Prices, Recovery time, Symptoms, Types of surgeries and Anaesthesia, Etc.

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We are Happy to help and answer Wisdom Teeth Removal and Cost Questions

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Wisdom teeth Sydney Offers 4 wisdom teeth removal for $970

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wisdom teeth sydney now open

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Wisdom Dental Emergency - The Wisdom Teeth Professionals is now proudly open in Sydney!

Several Locations with the main clinic in the CBD Sydney.

Same great service with the same affordable fees now available in New South Wales.

Wisdom Teeth Removal under Local anaesthetic, IV Sedation and altenatively in the Hospital with General Anaesthesia.

Maximum price for 4 Wisdom Teeth Removal : $970 !

Wisdom teeth Sydney will ofer Wisdom Tooth Extraction including sugical removal as well.

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Safe and Affordable wisdom teeth Removal

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