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I'm really sorry, I was editing how the tags for the posts went and
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I thought about making a Pokemon fan fiction for a few weeks. This is the first fan fiction I've made, so tell me how it is. Enjoy!

     Ash and his friends were walking in the Kalos region on a normal day. Ash wanted to catch more pokemon and challenge more gyms, Clemont was coming up with some new inventions, Bonnie taking care of her brother and Serena watching Ash from a distance, with dreamy eyes. She wanted to ask Ash how he felt about her, but she was too shy to ask. Before she could muster up the courage, Bonnie came up to Serena. "Hey Serena- do you, maybe, have a crush on Ash?" she asked, shyly. Selena was shocked, blushing.  "Umm... yeah, why do you ask?"  Selena replied, looking shyly at Ash, and then back at Bonnie. "Well," Bonnie said, "I noticed that you're always helping him out and you seem to take a shine to him".  Everyone else was minding their own buisness and Selena looked back at Bonnie. She smiled back at her, and seemed as cheery as usual. "You should go ask him out!" Bonnie said, pushing Selena towards Ash. She tried to push back, but Bonnie had overpowered her and before she knew it, she was standing by Ash. "Oh, hey Selena! How's it going?" Ash said, with the usual upbeat attitude to him. "Hey Ash, I was... um... wondering if you would go out with me?" Selena asked, blushing a bright red, almost like a tomato. "Yeah sure, I would love to! What do you say about doing it tonight?" Ash replied, as both Serena and Ash put their arms around each other. That evening, Ash and Selena sat upon a high ledge, watching the sunset together. Luvdisc had used attract on each other while they weren't looking, and they were in love with each other. "You know Ash, I actually enjoy going on this adventure with you." Selena said, leaning up against him. "I've learned so much about Pokemon that I never knew." Ash sat there, letting her lean against him. "Well, I'm glad i can help out. Ever since i started in Kanto, I wasn't all that impressive. Then I learned about what raising Pokemon really meant, and that's when I improved." Selena went and kissed Ash on the lips. "Thanks Ash, I never could've done it without you." selena said, and laid down on his lap. They soon fell asleep, and had a great time the rest of their adventure.

Please tell me what you think of it. I want to know how it went.

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+Kate Dowdy sorry about the posts that were lost that I made I had a Google+ error in which I lost all my posts. 
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