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Almost ready for Summer Cruise
Strange things have been happening. We've been ashore these last three weeks. BUT....we hope to start our Summer cruise next weekend. Watch for details...and pics...lots of pics. Oh...and expect a turn in the weather!

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Very South of France
It may seem strange to compare Enniskillen to the South of France and yes, it may be an exageration but, on any weekend, in boating season, the total value of boats moored would be in the millions of pounds. Plenty of £500,000 boats about. Some of the 'ding...

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Suddenly's boating season!
We have made the most of our time on Lower Lough Erne. For the most part we've had the lough to ourselves. Unbelievable. Even this last few days on Inish Davar, with the bluebells out, there have only been one or two short stayers. All change now. Easter is...

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Evenings like this
We hadn't moved! A foggy old morning. But we had no plans to move either. A lot more action on the Lough today and... Because of the still moving around  until 8 ish. We are sharing a jetty overnight for  first time this year...not countin...

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Nothing new to offer you
Last week or so has been bimbling down to Enniskillen and back. Mostly using moorings we've already been on this year. There was one surprise....a boat was already moored on one of them! First time this year. They didn't overnight so not too bad! These are ...

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Do not Disturb
Very little to disturb us at Castle Caldwell...once the passenger transfer from a local youth centre had happened.  Great walks here and the first bluebell of 2017. Just where I thought it would be. No others for company...not yet. Then a great cruise back ...

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it's such a perfect day.......
2 hours 20 minutes. Perfik conditions. One jet ski on the water. Two para gliders in the air. And us. And the sunset the night before. Just could not capture the 55 shades of pink!

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A picture etc etc
Words ...well they almost fail me. Best day since last summer and the broad lough all to ourselves. Perfik. Add to this a cab ride into Kesh for supplies and it's a ...doesn't get better than this sort of day. The sunset is going to be spectacular.

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The good...the bad...and the downright ugly!
Cold and clear and calm said the forecast. What could be better for a 65 minute cruise up to the wide, or 'big' section of Lough Erne.  (Quotation marks not intended to confuse). We needn't worry about the line on the chart warning of rough seas in strong w...

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Lower Lough Erne ... Feels like we are cruising!
Sadly, St Patrick's Day in Eniskillen was a total wash out. I felt so sorry for all who had put such effort into the day. Our highlight was helping tie up the boat St Patrick arrived on. He,promptly dashed off to get under cover!! Saturday afternoon and aft...
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