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Tracy Spates
Entrepreneur, shopping queen, skydiver, pet lover, business woman\
Entrepreneur, shopping queen, skydiver, pet lover, business woman\

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Used CM on my HTC EVO 3D and now phone is dead in the water!   Can't get ANY menus, icon nothing.  can't even answer phone if incoming call.... before I do a factory reset - any other suggestions?

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Great Article!

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Love this!

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Good reading!

"Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams....." Anon... What are your dreams? What are you doing to achieve them?

Hmmm "Is there anybody out there??"

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Love it when mom's get it!
My Mom just correctly identified a phishing email that pretended to come from Google. I'm so proud. :)

"Due to anonymous registration of our email service, We have detected that some user account information on our database system are out of date and as a result of that, we're updating our database with an ultimate security protection. To prevent your account from inactivity, you will have to update your informations by clicking the reply button and filling the space below."

In McDonald's - power still out @ home, Hopefully it'll be back on soon... Cold showers no fun!
Tried to go to Panera, but it was jamm packed..... coffee is just as good here & I've got a seat with a plug!!! Life is good!

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