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BarnDoor Lighting
Lighting & Grip Equipment and Supplies for Film, Video, Stage & Photo
Lighting & Grip Equipment and Supplies for Film, Video, Stage & Photo


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Similar in function to an ammunition magazine or "clip", The BatteryClip not only organizes and protects batteries from dirt and accidental discharge, it assures that fresh batteries are available in an instant.

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Great all around clamp for securely mounting to lumber or round stock, studio grid or even for holding a microphone or Kino Flo tube. Comes in 3" end jaw for mounting to ceiling or wall, 3" and 6" center jaw. Matthews Matthelini Clamps are a "must have" for every grip kit.
Buy online at

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LiteGear LitePower Triple Battery Charger 2V NiMH

The LiteGear LitePower Triple Battery Charger, can charge (3) 12v
NiMH batteries at either 900mA or 1800mA.

Works with 10Ah, 4.5Ah and 2.2Ah battery units for charging multiple batteries.  NOT FOR USE WITH 0.8 Ah BATTERY PACKS.

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#litegearlitepowertriplebatterycharger #litegearbatterycharger  

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NEW Modern Studio 4x4 Soft White Bounce Floppy Flag

Need a large soft bounce source in super matte material?  This is it!
Measures 48"x48" closed and opens to 48" x 96".  It is reversible...with white on one side and black on the other.  Buy yours today!

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#Modern4x4softwhitebouncefloppyflag #grip #lightingandgripexpert #largesoftbouncefloppy  

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LiteGear DMX 4x4 Barrel Male to PH2 Female Adapter

Need to power a LiteGear Hybrid dimmer from a battery or power supply with a male barrel output?  This is the adapter you need!  #LiteGear #lightingandgripexpert #LiteGearDMXMaletofemaleadapter #lighting #grip #barndoorlighting #filmandvideolighting  

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9.Solutions Grip Joint -- Great Value @ $24.99

Need a mini grip rigging tool for rigging, check out the Grip Joint from 9.Solutions.  Features:  (1) 1/4-20 female thread and (3) 3/8-16 female threads.  Can slip onto 3/8" or 5/8" diameter rod.  You can also rotate the receptacle for easy and fast rigging.  Learn more...

#lightingandgripexpert #griptools #gripjoint #barndoorlighting
#filmandvideolighting #gripclamp #newgriptools  

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Lex Products 600 Amp Cinebox Distro Box

Looking for the best in portable electrical power, think Lex Products!

The 600 Amp Cinebox Distro Box offers (6) 100A 120V Female Stage pin outlets as well as (2) 20A Edison outlets.  The Cinebox has a compact design.  The box is stackable for savings space when you are on the road or on set. Best of all, it weighs just 48 lbs so you can carry one in each hand.  The Cinebox features cam series 16 inputs and feed thru for connecting multiple boxes on a single power distribution feed.  Learn more about the Lex Cinebox Distro Box....

#Lexdealer #barndoorlighting #portableelectricalpower #barndoorlighting #filmandvideolighting #Lex600ampcineboxdistrobox  

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Manfrotto Micro Arm 5.9 Inch Anti Rotation 3/8"

This unique anti rotation attachments stops all of your accessories from rotating. Use this product to ensure that your monitor, recorder, light or zoom control locked in place. Works with optional attachments including 1/4", 3/8" and 5/8" as well as a hot shoe adapter.

Weight: 8.46 oz
Arm Length: 5.91 in
Attachment (bottom): 3/8" thread female, 3/8" thread female with AR
Top Attachment: 3/8" thread female with AR
Color: Black
Superclamp Compatible: No
Material Aluminum, Steel

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Check out our new video on the American Grip DuckBill and BeadBoard Holder!

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American Grip Duck Bill Clamp Mini

Need a smaller duck bill that can holder smaller bounce cards, including
bead board and foam core?  The American Grip Duck Bill Clamp Mini is exactly what you need, it is easy to store.  The Duck Bill Mini mounts into grip head with attached 5/8" baby pin.  Buy yours today!

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