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American Coup D'Etat
Interesting. Increasingly now, I am seeing articles
suggesting that we have moved into a new era of American democracy, an era that
may well spell the ending of what we have come to believe is our entire system
of constitutional democracy.   This new
era co...

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Abstract Art
Abstracts are always potentially problematic, or potentially interesting, depending on your perspective. I like creating abstracts out of my nature photography. Whether the viewer likes them or dislikes them is the viewer's prerogative. I created a set digi...

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Steaks from Gilcrest Natural Farm
These are two new recipes from Amy Foster at Gilcrest that accompanied Amy's latest e-mail Newsletter: Garlic
Herb Shoulder Tender Prep Time:
10 minutes Cook Time:
15 minutes This garlic rubbed shoulder tender is
coated in just a few fresh herbs to give the...

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Change the Subject
“Can you imagine what Trump did at the G-20?” “He did what . . .?” “Oh, no, surely he did not do (say) that” And then, Stephen Colbert, or Samantha Bee, or John Oliver,
or Trevor Noah begin working with their writers to produce more script for the
next show...

I just changed my e-mail address and home phone number. How can I change that information in the settings for my several blogs without screwing up the blogs?

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New Leadership
Someone, Steve Benen on The MaddowBlog, wrote an article
about how Trump’s ignorance on health care could have real consequences. And,
how we might use it as yet another example about Trump we might laugh at. When I read the article, I thought, “surely you ...

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Abstracts for a Summer Night
Some abstracts I created just cuz. I doubt they will ever appear in an art walk, but who knows. My printer has gone wonky, so I may not even have the capability to create these on canvas as is my wont, but I did them anyway. I'll call them "Abstracts for a ...

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Dust in the Wind
I was looking at a review of a book by Thomas E. Ricks, CHURCHILL AND ORWELL, The
Fight for Freedom. It
is a book, I am reminded, of two people who, even today remain well known,
famous even.   And then, I began thinking
of all the people not so famous. And...
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