Thank you for calling customer service.
We see your Klout score is 10, so your hold time will be 5 hours.

+Steven Vaughan-Nichols notes over at ZD Net that companies are beginning to monitor Klout scores for decisions on hiring and customer service. Klout is the metric that many of us love to hate -- a score on "influence" tied to weak links in social media that makes little sense. Pity poor Clay Shirky with his minor Twitter updates, one of the great minds of our generation, holding a Klout score of only 59.

Yet silly, annoying Klout points to a future where your social influence metric will be tracked like a credit score. The Klout ranking is a self-fulfilling prophecy, an Emperor with No Clothes who eventually appears robed because, well, everyone else thinks so, too., which bought sentiment monitoring service Radian6, is building Klout and other social metrics into call center interfaces so giant companies can screen your influence as soon as you dial in. Have 194,000 followers? +Chris Brogan may go to the front of the line.

In the brilliant novel "Super Sad True Love Story," Gary Shteyngart predicts a future where people project their Kloutish data from tiny "äppäräts," shrunken iPod-style net devices, so when you walk into a bar potential dates immediately see your net worth, job history, and, um, yes, fuckability index.

You will soon no longer just be you, but all the data on your connections you've made in the big, wide world around you.
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