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Miquel Sala
From Elton to Ben Babylon, from rocket man to keyboard wizard
From Elton to Ben Babylon, from rocket man to keyboard wizard

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Hello Eltonites nice to share time again with you!!! It's been about dates and numbers today. All you know it is Elton's 70th Birthday.  For such event Elton will be at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles  hosting a party which will raise money for both the ch...

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Listen to Lovin' You So Easy by Kathryn Keats #np on #SoundCloud

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Eltonites About Superhuman
"The new album of the cellist Martin
Tillman "Superhuman" it's a journey through meticulous musicals
harmonies. A  experience provided by a
talented musician who knows how to exploit all the possibilities of the cello. What
a delight to discover that each t...

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Martin Tillman On Music Charts
Toto XIV Toto Billboard  N. 98 (2015) Official charts  N. 43 (2015) Man Of Steel Soundtrack Hans Zimmer Billboard  N. 9 (2013) Official charts  N. 20 (2013) The Abscence  Melody Gardot Billboard  N. 33 (2012) The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Hans Zimmer Bil...

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"Tracks on Superhuman made me run an emotional gamut"
I was honored to be asked to
review Martin Tillman's new album, Superhuman. 
Not being familiar with his work, I decided to do a little
research.  Not only is he a world-renowned
cellist and composer, I discovered that he played with Elton John and the Band...

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"Differents paths sometimes blend into each other" by Andrea Grasso: "Superhuman" review
The new Martin Tillman album,
Superhuman, is a collection of instrumental tracks all written and arranged by
the master of cello, Martin himself; helping him in this adventure are renowned
musicians like Michael Landau on electric guitars, Vinnie Colaiuta o...

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"Cyberpunk Meets Pop" by John Kwok: "Superhuman" review
Cyberpunk meets pop, rock and classical in cellist/composer Martin
Tillman’s superb new album “Superhuman”. Tillman cleverly plays with and merges
different musical genres, ranging from industrial techno-pop to what sounds
like a futuristic homage to Byzant...

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Superhuman aka superwoman
is a reaffirmation of the power of the human spirit" reads the liner notes
of the cd. Soon it is explained what it consists: "Superhuman is dedicated
to Martin’s wife Eva who 8 years ago was diagnosed with MS. Eva’s courage
and strength to live ...

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Unforgettable People (LII): Martin Tillman
"On the show, a very special
guest. From Zurich, Switzerland. On cello, an   incredible   musician... Mr. Martin
Tillman!!!" Elton proudly said on the 60th Anniversary special concert.
Davey Johnstone explained he met Tillman "working on a movie score
(An E...

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Welcome to Martin Tillman's Weekend!!!
This is a
very special weekend for the site. We have one of best cellist players of our
time. He is one person related to Elton, because he collaborated with him live
and in the studio, a very good friend of Davey Johnstone (Davey is so proud of
this magici...
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