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I can't seem to find the 'request a call' function on G+! My business page has suddenly disappeared from G+. Is it possible to request a call still?

Hi, I would like to create two different business pages however both run from the same address. How can I create two pages with the same location?

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Hi, I am managing the G+ pages for a service company with 12 different shopfronts (locations), this was initially set up by the person prior to me. I want to work with one page as it will be too labour intensive (and expensive for my client) to manage. I also feel that by having 12 different locations pages it dilutes the brand message, can get messy and confusing for people who wish to follow the company as they will not get the same message as someone in a different location. I don't want to negatively impact my clients SEO ranking if I get rid of the 12 different locations and go with a brand page instead. What would you recommend as the best way forward? I wish that there was a way you could have a main brand page which would feed information to all of the individual location pages at the same time, perhaps even giving you an option to 'check' the location page you wish the content to feed out to (does that make sense?). I feel confident in thinking I should maintain one brand page however everyone seems to have very different opinions depending on who you speak with (even within G+). I really want to make sure I do the right thing by my client. Thank you in advance for your assistance :-)

Hi all! How do I change an event on a page from being shared privately to being shared publicly? I have somehow made about 5 events private and only invited 2 x guests. I am now having difficulty making my event public so that anyone can attend.

Thanks :-)

I need to find the Page ID number for a G+ business page that has a vanity URL. If a business page has a vanity URL how do I find out what their page ID number is?

Thank you :-)

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