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Kamarah Adams
Wife of a Seminole, mother of 4 children, daughter of a miracle working mother, lover of creating art through paint, pencil, fabric, color, and thread.
Wife of a Seminole, mother of 4 children, daughter of a miracle working mother, lover of creating art through paint, pencil, fabric, color, and thread.

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I'd Recognize That Mustache Anywhere
Our first Great Strides Team MAMA Lou walk 2008, the whole team! Before our chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation changed
the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk to Sunday we were able to participate
and did so in 2008 and 2009. It was our first experien...

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Heavenly Arranged Friendships (Even With Orange-ish Hair)
I wasn’t even born when my mom developed her close
friendship to Kathy. But they grew up together as Mom’s with children of
similar ages attending church in the same building. Working alongside each
other while at the same time realizing they made each othe...

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Awkward Laxative Dialouge With A Sad Pharmacy Cashier
A couple of weeks ago I was at Walgreens buying 4 of the
largest bottles of MiraLAX they sell. Well I guess it was the Walgreens brand
of MiraLAX. Because forget about shoe sales I go nutty for a good price on
Polyethylene Glycol 3350. Can I get a “what wha...

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While I Wait to Fulfill My Destiny As A Kindergarten Teacher
This was taken on a beach walk in March. I had to choose it for this post header because I lost these amazing pants since this picture was taken and even though I'm sad I lost these amazing pants I'm happy this cute picture was taken while wearing them. My ...

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When I Found Out About Her Nightmare Normal
I am
continually pleased to realize periodically that I forget how strange our
family is. I get wrapped up in the medicine and the treatments and the appointments
and it’s just our normal. Our schedule, our routine is just what we do. If we
peeked into anot...

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When EVERYONE Thinks You Should Feel Lucky, But All You Feel Is Sad
As a seven year old you see your
sibling come home from the hospital with three new stuffed animals, a giant bag
full of crafts both done and yet to do, a pile of presents and cards from
hospital visitors, and all kinds of tales of hours of movie watching a...

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If Your Going To Brag About Your Kids Abilities Be Prepared to Fail, (Or Atleast thats What Happened To Me)
Orson getting his reconstituted antibiotic through his g-tube. I get myself into messes. I try to just live my life kindly
and calmly and then all of a sudden I snap and BAM I make a brash remark and
land myself in a pile of poop. Case in point, I was sitti...

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When She Tried to Shame Me At Costco
Orson, age 3, and me pregnant with baby Ruby in 2015 It started as a very pleasant shopping trip. I had met my husband
at Costco with our 3 year old son to do a little shopping and have lunch. Much
to my delight a sweet friend was also there eating lunch wi...

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You Might Be A CF Family If......
I really enjoyed Letterman's top ten lists and miss them. My husband sneaked a radio to listen to sports at night when he was a kid and I sneaked into the living room to watch David Letterman's top 10 list. Sometimes I didn't even have to sneak, I'd just si...

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Maelee's Mountain
Right after Maelee had her surgery a couple of weeks ago
everyone in the family got sick with colds to different degrees. Maelee’s
symptoms of late have been a very persistent very challenging cough. I assume it’s
part allergies, part healing from the surge...
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