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Jaromír Šír (sheeryjay)
Born in Czech Republic (10 million inhabitants state right beside Germany, Poland and Austria).
Born in Czech Republic (10 million inhabitants state right beside Germany, Poland and Austria).

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Dogs will be very said if ISPs kill net neutrality and do not become common carriers.
[The following conversation couldn't happen because phone service is a common carrier.  However, internet service does not have common carrier status, and this conversation happens between ISPs and internet businesses such as Netflix.  It also so happens that those same ISPs are often cable providers and direct competitors to Netflix.  Also, dogs can't talk on the telephone, at least, not like this.]

Phone:  Ring, Ring!

Dog:  Hello, this is Dog.

Phone Company:  Hi Dog.  This is the phone company.  We see you've been calling a lot of people in our service area.

Dog:  Yes, Dog have many friends.  Dog talk to friends a lot.

Phone Company:  Well, Dog, all those calls are clogging up our network, and making things slower for other people.  It's costing us a lot of money.

Dog:  That a shame.  Is Dog behind on phone bill?  Dog try very hard to pay bills on time.

Phone Company:  No, no, Dog.  We're not you're phone company, we're their phone company.

Dog:  Oh, so Dog's friends not paying bill?  

Phone Company:  No, they are paying their bills too.

Dog:  So everyone happy and friends!  Yay!

Phone Company:  No Dog.  We're not happy.

Dog:  Oh that sad.  So very sad.  If you not happy, Dog not happy.  What Phone Company not happy about?

Phone Company:  We're not happy that there's so much traffic on our network that comes from you.   We would hate for your phone calls to go badly.

Dog:  Go badly how?

Phone Company:  Oh, you know -- poor quality, lots of dropout.  Or just awkward pauses.  All those calls you make put quite a strain on our wires.

Dog:  That bad ok.  Dog likes barks to be clear and immediate.  So do Dog's friends.

Phone Company:  And to make sure that that happens, you need to pay us for special treatment of your phone calls.  

Dog:  Dog just simple dog and not understand.   I pay my phone company, right?

Phone Company:  Yes, you do.

Dog:  And dogs friends pay Phone Company, right?

Phone Company:  Uh, yes, but ...

Dog:  (continuing doggedly)  So if Phone company have problem carrying traffic maybe Phone Company should get more wires and switchy-thingies to provide better service to their customers, who really like talking to Dog.

Phone Company:  Oh Dog, there are complicated technical reasons that we just can't do it.  It's prohibitively expensive for one.

Dog:  That not what people Phone Company buy services from say...

Phone Company:  Now see here Dog, we are aware that all those people you call pay you to call them. 

Dog:  (with a joyful bark)  Yes!  We love each other so much!

Phone Company:  And they'd stop doing that if the calls couldn't go through or sounded terrible, right?

Dog:  Oh yes, that true.

Phone Company:  So you better give us a piece of your action, or you will be a Very Bad Dog with no friends at all.

Dog:  (sad puppy eyes)
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Iconic DC/Marvel heroes
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Awesome algorithm visualizations and a great write up about algorithms. It is a must read. Very concise and elegant explanations.
This is one of the best essays on computer science and visualization that I've ever read.+Mike Bostock shows many different ways to visualize algorithms for everything from visual sampling to shuffling to generating mazes. But far from being just a gallery, he talks about the different kinds of information which different visualizations can produce, the things they can help us understand better and the ways they can mislead us, and generally, how to use visualization in order to better understand not only data, but the processes by which we understand data.

If you ever spend time manipulating data or algorithms and looking for patterns, you should go read this. 

h/t +Richard Smith-Unna for finding this gem.
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Well played Facebook, well played. As if I needed another process taking 100% CPU (note, that is Ivy Bridge i5 3470 - not a weak CPU). Just one tab of Facebook newsfeed and this happens.
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You shall detect unreachable code or you suffer
Tip of the day: Detecting unreachable code is easy with #AppCode. Can your IDE do the same? 
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Good article about studies showing negative effects of open space work environment.
Very good article over at The New Yorker about open offices: THE OPEN-OFFICE TRAP

"The psychologists assessed the employees’ satisfaction with their surroundings, as well as their stress level, job performance, and interpersonal relationships before the transition, four weeks after the transition, and, finally, six months afterward. The employees suffered according to every measure: the new space was disruptive, stressful, and cumbersome, and, instead of feeling closer, coworkers felt distant, dissatisfied, and resentful. Productivity fell."

When will executives stop listening to clueless 'management workshop gurus' and start listening to how people actually behave? It's the same story with brainstorming.

There is a time and place for everything. Sometimes we truly work better in an open community, other times we don't. But the real difference is whether or not we can control our environments. Open offices assumes everyone has to work in the same social setting all the time, and it doesn't work. 

~Thx to +Avinash Kaushik for the link.

Also read my article "The Human Sweatshop ..." in which talk about how newspaper are just now starting to adopt open offices ... and often in the extreme.
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Occulus Rift for the first time
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Kdo nepřišel na letošní DevFestCZ přišel o super přednášky o Google technologiích, jakož i o další zajímavosti. Například o devfest quest achievementy, či Pixel, Glass, Occulus Rift ... a případný rozhovor či možnost se vyfotit s Jedi, bounty hunterem, nebo záhadnou polooblečenou slečnou.
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